Inaugural Meeting REPORT: Sunday May 11, 2008

The first gathering of the NH Media Makers was a huge success. Click on the image above to view a slide show of the event. As Georgene Nunn states on her blog Random Kitty:

“We had photographers, videographers, writers, entrepreneurs, search engine marketers, programmers, culture geeks, and often times most people were several of those things if not all of them! Had I been taking notes I’d have a lot more details about each person. Everybody I met was just terrific. There was a definite buzz in the air and I could tell a lot of really valuable connections were made. Separately we’ve got a ton of super ideas and talents, together we could really turn this area into a hub of internet and cultural activity.”

Or as Leslie Poston says on her blog Smoke Rings and Coffee Stains:

“It was definitely worth it! I got the chance to meet a variety of interesting people, from behind the scenes web developers to in your face interactive television web casters, fellow writers, vloggers and bloggers, movie junkies, internet political revolutionaries and more. I had a blast, and I can’t wait to see who comes to the next meeting.”

And here is a video reaction from Chris Clark of Geek Force Five:

Or here is a more surreal view of the meeting from Phil Kliger of Uncle Philms

And, finally, here are notes on the terrific folks that came to share:

John Herman talked about his interactive web-isodic Gravityland and Tuesday night at 7 PM he joins a team of comedians for an interactive live web comedy show on Mogulus. John is mentioned in the latest issue of The Wire.

Phil Kliger talked about how he recently submitted his documentary, Working on My Short Game, to the NH Film Festival. He also talked about his fun and handy Archos camera.

Roger Goun is a photographer, software engineer, and co-founder of Democracy for New Hampshire and ListenUp: NH, also co-lo at

Dan Freund is a media enthusiast who is beginning a 3D motion graphics company and keeping busy with lots of media productions. Always looking for people with great ideas.

Jon Briggs is a talented musician and he’s also the official sound guy for

Nap is a Ruby web application developer, editor at, and indie music, film and comic geek. Focusing on social media networks and writing a book about Ruby on Rails, he’s also looking for collaborators for ‘web experiments’

Andy Fling is a movie making enthusiast and in-house developer for Very interested in making movies locally and creating a community around film making in NH. Recently won a Spotlight Award for Best Supporting Actor. Congrats Andy!

Georgene Nunn works for Looking for bloggers and all kinds of multi-media collaborative ideas for

E. Christopher Clark is an author, family historian, and Internet geek. Creator of, a blog covering Lost, NIN, Apple, Marvel Comics, and View Askew film productions. How cool is that?! He’s currently thinking of producing a novel that embraces the concepts of social media.

Leslie Poston (@geechee_girl on Twitter) is from She is a freelance writer about Web 2.0. She also works to help writers embrace social media.

Bryan White is the creator of looking to network on original content, video, live casting, and other ways to push his site to the next level.

Jack Herman is the web master/co-owner of He’s excited by the world of web marketing, site optimization, and monetization. Looking for dynamic web ideas to develop a better reach to niche markets.

Jason Ruths is from He’s looking to start a revolution in NH. He’s passionate about getting corporations out of politics. Looking for collaborators.

Mike Mooney is from He helped produce the popular web show What is Joppa? and is now working on a new project involving sci-fi and comedy. Also involved in the ongoing video adventures at

Jon Wellington is a wedding videographer and improv comedian bringing his skills together to produce the comedic web show “Fox Burnahm.” When he announced that he was looking for people willing to die on camera, half of us raised our hands

The inaugural gathering of the NH Media Makers was hosted by John Herman (sideburns) with Mike Mooney (smirk), Dan Freund (silver cup), Nick Plante (pondering paper cup), Bryan White (scratching), Chris Clark (eyebrows), Phil Kliger (polarized glasses), Leslie Poston (curly), Roger Goun (beard), Georgene Nunn (no mug handle usage). Many people joined us.

John Herman and Mike Mooney at CrackskullsDan Freund with CoffeeNick Plante thinking coffeeBryan White thinking really hard about New Hampshire Media MakersChris Clark arching his eyebrow for New Hampshire Media MakersPhil Kliger is IT (even though he has John Herman's coffee mug)Leslie Poston smelling coffee in prep for New Hampshire Medi MakersRoger Goun wants to go... to NH Media MakersGeorgene Nunn may bring her pretty cup to NH Media Makers

NH Media Makers was inspired by the popular Boston Media Makers meet-up started by Steve Garfield.


23 thoughts on “Inaugural Meeting REPORT: Sunday May 11, 2008

  1. As I told John I will be on a plane at that time, so I’ll have to phone it in. There is a group that has been meeting in Portsmouth that we should combine – the Portsmouth Producers. We have been meeting for lunches periodically (or sporadically). See

    I’ll let these folks know about your meeting and keep me informed of the next one.

  2. I try to make up all these ridiculous excuses of why I don’t typically get out to these web-people, bloggery type meet ups in spite of my love of web development, blogging and social media but I can’t come up with anything valid. The truth is that I’m just kind of shy.

    That said, I’m pretty excited about this and plan on showing up. I even circulated this link around to people in the office that I thought would be interested and I may have cultivated some interest.

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  8. Hey, y’all. Had a great time. Recorded a Geek Force FiveCast after the fact, which is now up here. Looking forward to checking out everyone’s sites in more detail when I have some time later today.

  9. Sorry to throw up another comment so soon after my last one, but I wanted to let you know that my four pix from the meet-up are up on Flickr now. Roger’s put mine to shame, but I thought I’d share anyway.

  10. I’m glad I got my ass out of bed for the NHMM meeting. Great to meet you all and I’ll be checking out all those juicy links. I’ll be doing my theatre thing all day on June 8th and won’t make the next one, but I’m looking forward to the July meeting and beyond.

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