Meeting REPORT: Sunday June 8th, 2008

The latest gathering of the NH Media Makers was during the hottest day of the year (so far). We started off by chatting about Twitter, Plurk, and Snackr. The meeting was characterized by diverse and enriching conversation. Some topics mentioned during discussion are noted below. Everyone brought a unique perspective to the table.

Bill Rogers at NH Media Makers

Bill Rogers working on individual, client-based, and organizational web productions tied to environmental aims. Focuses on climate change solutions for broadcast on the web. Also made/making a character-based documentary on Bode Miller called Flying Downhill… looking for partners on the evolving project. Mentioned: how to create conversation about global warming concerns, Ski Space, and Indie Go Go.

Roger Goun is working on a website for action-based grassroots. The concept: One president. Eight disastrous years. How do we begin to undo the damage? Looking for quality writers of political content. Mentioned: the attraction of dynamic media like images and video over text, Red Lasso as a potential resource for getting video on the site.


E. Christopher Clark is an author, family historian, and Internet geek. Creator of, a blog covering Lost, NIN, Apple, Marvel Comics, and View Askew film productions. Looking to create a Facebook application tied to the project. Chris presented on his book, Those little Bastards, and introduced his new website. Looking to start promoting the book online through audio podcasts and videos. Mentioned: Online resources for creating business cards like Moo via Flickr, David La Morte‘s homemade business cards, the crossroads between self publishing and mainstream publishing.

Dan Freund at NH Media Makers

Dan Freund working with a 3D motion graphics firm for architectural rendering, broadcast, film, and gaming arts: Landing big projects that can’t even be blogged about yet… but we got to hear about them! Mentioned: Metaverse applications, regional filmmakers connecting with the larger industry, creating a political film festival.

Bryan White at NH Media Makers

Bryan White is the creator of Lots of exciting development… both triumphs and failure. Launching a t-shirt line. Producing a film series at the Ioka Theater (first and last Friday of every month starting August 1st). Also developing a webisodic series about paranormal investigations. Looking for sponsors on all projects. Mentioned: local sponsor brainstorms (MSM to kick boxing schools), developing a site for horror film music.

John Herman at NH Media Makers

John Herman will be attending Podcamp Boston 3. Currently producing the interactive web series Gravityland, and hosting the Energy Smackdown. Also in preproduction for a new webisodic inspired by a stage comedy show. Lots of production this summer.

Jack Herman at NH Media Makers

Jack Herman manages a retail website at Looking engaging, dynamic ways to engage his customers with New Media. Mentioned: ways college students can get free design software packages, bootlegging vs buying, issues of tech support, and Chris’s book, Those Little Bastards.

Leslie Poston is all about the side projects these days! She will also be attending PodCamp Boston 3! She is actively seeking names for her side project mentoring businesses in utilizing social media and the internet to improve their brand and broaden their reach. Writing for Mentioned: online business transparency, marketing, social media interest from mainstream businesses, Zappo Shoes, Gary V, the false death of the written word, Utterz, and Jott.

Closed the face-to-face gathering with a discussion about how to keep privy to the newest social media applications. Will continue the conversations online and next month. Join us!


11 thoughts on “Meeting REPORT: Sunday June 8th, 2008

  1. I may lose my mind before then! The excitement’s just too much.

    I’m going to try to get a bunch more people to come with me. Writers and film folks and internet junkies, oh my! I’ll be sure to force them to RSVP for crowd control.

  2. I had a blast, as always. Please feel free to add to the notes that I will also be at PodCamp Boston, and am actively seeking names for my side project mentoring businesses into utilizing social media and the internet to improve their brand and broaden their reach. I have also forwarded Roger Goun’s request for contributions to my politically active online contacts.

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