MEETING REPORT: Sunday July 13th, 2008

Discussing New Media

Another great meeting with a bunch of new faces, projects, and perspectives! (Thanks Leslie for typing up the meeting notes! Everyone: feel free to comment to correct misspellings, etc)

John Herman started the meeting with a demo of live web video casting with Mogulus (currently used for live web casting by Gravityland), Operator11,, Stickam, and Qik. Group discussion revolved around new ways to use live casting, openness of companies to new ideas, pay-for-view, etc.

John Herman (by sskennel)

Leslie Poston (from,, took wonderful notes and shared her insight on a variety of topics. She and John Herman will both be speaking at Podcamp Boston 3.

Leslie Poston mixing media and breakfast at NH Media Makers

Kirk Membry (from was here to check out what’s going on. Into research technology – – Also interested in video streaming on the road, geocoding of photos and videos, panoramic photos. John Herman offered (a friend who is casting his trek as he walks across America). Discussed concerns about 5GB a month camera phone limits – too little for 60 bucks a month!

Kirk Membry at NH Media Makers

Jon Briggs came to listen. Sound engineer and musician. Worked with John Herman on Gravityland.

20080713-0441 (by sskennel)Jack Herman (by sskennel)

Jack Herman (from sells reproduction lighting fixtures over the web. Recently added social media component via Enjoys arguing the impact of social media in business with Leslie (and others). Engaged in the discussion of whether social media will make money or not. Jack votes no.

Leslie, Kirk, and Deb at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)John and Jon watching a video at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Discussion meandered around engagement marketing and personality on the web. The Mars Pheonix Twitter page was mentioned.
Roger Goun getting the perfect shot at NH Media Makers

Roger Goun – sskennel on Flickr, Twitter, etc – photographer, software engineer, politics – Latest project is an upcoming political blog called 21st Century Solutions (solutions for screwed up world). Subject experts being sought. Leslie suggested he check out

John Mcnally, Brianna Heeley, Jon Nunan, Phil Kliger, & John Herman (by sskennel)

Deb Mcnally – tech writer – debdebtig on many social networks – Has 23 hens, 3 turkeys, ducks, etc – Developing site for the local fresh eggs at Perhaps live cast of chickens laying – chicken/egg social groups were discussed – Will be Twittering chickens soon

When fill flash fails (by sskennel)

20080713-0419 (by sskennel)

John Mcnally – Got his wife (see above) started in computers. He is an instigator of great ideas – Former sysop of computercastlebbs, Dial in line telnet, etc.

Brianna Heeley – Getting back into filmmaking. Interested in production work, short films, documentaries, and scripts.

20080713-0415 (by sskennel)

Jon Nunan (from – dare him to watch bad movies!) Best bad movie was discussed. After the discussion, several media makers watched a video produced by John that involved a puppet made form a slab of raw meat.

John Nunan and Phil Kliger at NH Media Makers

Phil Kliger (from, @unclephilms on Twitter) discussed his upcoming Rockin Sockumentary involving his family friendly rock band Tunebuggy. Tag line: Rock out with your sock out! Worked on Gravityland. Developing a background video for yoga dance based on Lilith/Woman Scorned and also a burlesque show! Arkos helmet camera is his rig of choice.

Phil Kliger at NH Media Makers


4 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: Sunday July 13th, 2008

  1. Sitting by a Lake “borrowing ” a neighbors open network and saying that would like to be there and here at the same. Given one real choice I am here, learning the ways we can be both places at once. And thinking of the Firesign Theatre ode “How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at aaaaa-alllllll.”

    Maybe next time we can setup that live video link so that Bald Guy on Climate Change can join you for from the fronts of climate change. Bald Guy intends to be that aspect of Now or Never that is immediate feeds of content from the field. See you next week at PodCamp. I hope to make Sunday.

    -Bill Rogers

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