MEETING REPORT: Sunday August 10th, 2008

Untitled (by Brian Turnbull)Goin' around! (by Santa Plausible)Georgene Nunn @ NH Media Makers (by Santa Plausible) Wow. An incredible gathering of new and old faces. Lots of activity going on in New Hampshire!

Untitled (by Brian Turnbull)

Phil Kliger of Uncle Philms is developing a web series at He’s also doing music for a horror film. As always, Phil loves his handy Archos camera. Here is a surreal video Phil made this week at the meet-up!

Bryan White is the creator of B-movie review site, also hosting Soundtrack Apocalisse. Just introduced an awesome t-shirt line (see below!). Beginning to see his blog quoted in press releases, promo, DVD materials. Seeing small websites like his own becoming a sincere marketing force. Producing a documentary on the excitingly dark history of Portsmouth. Read about him in the latest issue of The Wire.

Bryan White @ NH Media Makers (by Santa Plausible)

Rob Jaques is a photographer and musican, santaplausible on Flickr. Just joined Twitter so follow him! Shawn Lampron is a writer, looking to be inspired, looking to get involved.

Untitled (by Brian Turnbull)Untitled (by Brian Turnbull) Georgene Nunn works for Just did a blog-for-pay push for and is getting a lot of response. Got all kinds of things going, including the development of a directory for farmers’ markets, farmers, and consumers of farm fresh products. She also took a bunch of her own notes on the meeting and posted them on her blog. Check out Georgene’s perspective of this month’s meet-up!

E. Christopher Clark is an author, family historian, and Internet geek. Creator of, a blog covering Lost, NIN, Apple, Marvel Comics, and View Askew film productions. Has added a question series to the blog. Thinking about producing a podcast series. Just finished a week long sabattical to work on his next novel. Check out his first novel at

Untitled (by Santa Plausible)

Leslie Poston (@geechee_girl on Twitter) is from She works to help everyone embrace social media. Submitted “Can social media save the world?” to SXSW. You can support LEslie by giving her a vote. Doing a twice a month podcast on Talkshoe about heavy issues facing technology and culture. Hears they are hiring at

Untitled (by Brian Turnbull)

Deb Mcnally (debdebtig on every social media site you can think of) is a full time tech writer. She is also a farmer (23 hens, 3 turkeys, ducks, etc) Very interested in further developing the site. Lots of ideas (including a blogging chicken).

Nap is a Ruby web application developer, editor at An indie music, film and comic geek. Has a book coming out at the end of the month called Practical Rails Plugins (follow that link to pre-order it on Amazon!) (Seriously, do it!)

Deb McNally, Nap & Brian Turnbull @ NH Media Makers (by Santa Plausible)

Brian Turnbull (@brianturnbull) is interest in live performance and studio photography. Photographed for the new CD by the Stone/Bratt Big Band. Also works on a newly launched collaborative resume review site at Looking for ways to stay creative.

First look at the Thomas in Wonkyland web series! (by mrjohnherman)

John Herman talked about the start of production on the upcoming web series: Thomas in Wonkyland (see above!), Gravityland Season 2, an improv comedy show every Tuesday, the 1 minute film festival held at

Jill Silos is a history and film professor. Coming out with a book “Everybody Get Together: The Politics of Counter Culture” about freedom of assembly issues. Just invited to speak at a UN conference. Film critic for The Brattle. Learning to play guitar.

Chris Williams is from Newmarket Channel 13. Connecting with people who can add to his film making efforts. Working on a veteran series. Looking to do a whole lot more.

Shawn Lampron @ NH Media Makers (by Santa Plausible) See everyone next month!


11 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: Sunday August 10th, 2008

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  2. oh hey, do you have the ability to turn off the snapshots preview thing? I dunno how anybody else feels but it drives me absolutely bonkers.

    UPDATE: Done! It has always irritated me too! ~john

  3. Fantastic meeting today. Hearing about what everyone is up to is always fascinating to me. It’s interesting to see how everyones plans are evolving. I think Nap and I are going to talk out something I’ve had on my mind for a while but never really had the means to get rolling. I’m talking about the horrifically abstract idea of open source comics.

    I also completely failed to mention a couple of things that I’ve been up to lately and wanted to plug. I have a terrible tendency to dominate the mic when it’s my turn to talk and I still forgot to mention these things:

    1. I wanted to mention that I now blog for Bloody Good Horror, a site similar to my own. It gives me a chance to be a little more free form and just talk about things rather than review movies or opine about horror movie news. My latest is a call for people to stop reading the big sites, stop submitting articles to me and do it themselves:

    2. Tank Riot is my favorite podcast. It’s seriously awesome. Three dudes in Wisconsin talking about movies, music, science fiction and most recently: Conspiracies. Download the latest, Conspiracies 3. At the end, I’m featured for ten minutes talking about The Bohemian Grove.

  4. Hey Nap and Bryan, remember me if you’re in need of a (slightly) overworked writer (and kinda half-assed artist) for any sort of comics-related initiative. I have a graphic novel/series idea that’s been kicking around in my brain for years. Can’t wait to get to it someday.

    Maybe this is how we all get to Comic Con 2009, huh?

  5. Well, I already submitted the panel idea for open source comics to SXSW more than a month late so it’s a start. I have a snowball’s chance in hell of being considered for the panel picker and then have to compete with more than 1000 other panel ideas… so. Maybe Wizard World or SDCC ’09.

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