MEETING REPORT: Sunday September 14th, 2008

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

What a great month at NH Media Makers. People were a little crazy with the photography. There was a computer programmed to take a photo every 15 seconds. Also there was a robotic panoramic rig. It was wild. More proof that people in New Hampshire are doing amazing things on the web. A lot of inspiration going around. For Chris Clark, the meeting inspired a new idea for his blog. He went home and recorded thoughts. Listen to it on Utterz.

Here are some more photos from the meeting with notes on the folks that stopped by to share, learn, and collaborate:

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Phil Kliger from offered his ability to make low budget videos for promotion on a budget. He showed us a video he made for local band The New Classics. He also mentioned an animated project that is brewing.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Kirk Membry does amazing panoramic photography. He showed us a robotic gigapixel panoramic camera he’s Beta testing for As everyone was just arriving, Kirk took this photo:

NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

Roger Goun is a photographer, software engineer, and the original political maverick. Roger set up a tripod and programmed his camera to take a photo of the meeting every 15 seconds. We can’t wait to see what he does with it.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Chris Knowles of is an animator.  He is very interested in developing a web cartoon. He worked on Speed Racer: The Next Generation while living in New York. He just moved back to the NH, and he is really interested in getting involved and getting inspired.

New Hampshire Media Makers - September - 1 (by clarkwoods)

E. Christopher Clark from Geek Force Five started a daily Utterz series when he realized that he could create it for free during his early morning commute. He also announced fellow NHMM attendee Shawn Lampron as GF5’s second “guest geek”. In addition, Chris will be selling stories from his book Those Little Bastads a la carte on Lulu in the near future. And he just finished redesigning and relaunching the official Website of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics at in advance of their annual conference, which will this year take place in Philadelphia, October 24-26. The event boasts Pulitzer Prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri as the featured speaker.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Shawn Lampron is a writer who is really enjoying his new regular column on Marvel Comics Myth and Media at Geek Force Five. In the future, he is looking to focus on lesser known characters in the Marvel pantheon, including Luke Cage and Ms. Marvel. He wants to tie into the cultural origins of many of the heroes. There may even be some podcasts in the future.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Marc Dole runs Hatchling Studios by day, and he’s getting involved in independent live action film making by night. Just launched the Endurance Challenge web series, which won two awards at Comic Con. He will be releasing his short film The Toll on iTunes very soon.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Brian Turnbull comes here to inspire himself to be more creative. He’s a photographer and coder. He asked advice about drawing vector/editable graphics for presentations and other projects. Georgene suggested Brian recently launched a public beta for which lets users put their resume up for public comment, recommendations, and critique. He invites everyone to log on and give the service a spin.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

Georgene Nunn works for She experimented with a blogging-for-dollars program, and her reading numbers are way up. She is looking for more writers for She is also interested in the possibility of creating an additional meet-up for people interested in the basics of New Media. Each meeting would have a focus (For example: Intro to Blogging). Open for ideas, especially if you have a topic you are interested in learning more about or speaking about for the meet-up.

New Hampshire Media Makers meetup (by sskennel)

John Herman talked about his short film collaboration “I’m Nobody” (a reading of a poem by Emily Dickinson) which will be screened at He is intensely involved in web series development right now. He is working on the energy conservation reality TV show Energy Smackdown and there are two more web series cooking for which the NH Media Makers present got to view pilot trailers. Always looking for new creative projects, John will be participating this weekend in The Equal Exchange Invitational with the top five 48 Hour Film teams from Boston; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle.


16 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: Sunday September 14th, 2008

  1. I also just moved to Portsmouth from Manchester, psyched to find this group in my new neck of the woods – trekking to Boston isn’t always the most convenient!

  2. Don’t hesitate to email me (gianiaCRUNK! substituting CRUNK! for your run-of-the-mill at symbol, of course) if you’d like to give a talk, or have friends or family you want to get in the loop for a learning-oriented meetup.

    I have to talk to the Adelle’s folks tomorrow morning, since the owners weren’t in this afternoon, but I’m pretty confident that they’d love to have us, and might even want to participate!

    I’ll be doing up a blog post with both my meeting notes, and a general outline of my plans for this learning project so everybody can also get involved here. The wheels are turning!

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