MEETING REPORT: October 12th, 2008

This month NH Media Makers celebrated its six month anniversary!

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

It was an incredible meeting with a bunch of new faces, genuine spontaneous applause, and inspiring people/projects/ideas. Enjoy the photos and more below. Also you can even listen to the first 84 minutes of the meeting. Let’s keep this up every month! Spread the word. Here are some of the folks who stopped by:

John Herman is the host of New Hampshire Media Makers. He started off the meeting updating everyone about his short film collaboration “I’m Nobody” (a reading of a poem by Emily Dickinson) which was screened at the le:60 Film Festival The film is now viewable at Last month, John participated in The Equal Exchange Invitational with the top five 48 Hour Film teams from Boston; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle. This new film will screen at the Kendall Square Cinema on October 21st. And tickets are free! John also plugged the NH Film Festival. He is the director of the Young Filmmakers Workshop, which is one part film school, one part film-making challenge. John will be missing next month’s meet-up because he will be performing improv comedy in Tokyo, Japan. Leslie Poston will guest host!

Steve Garfield at NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

Steve Garfield is the host of Boston Media Makers (which inspired the creation of our meet-up!). He teaches “New Media Tools for Journalism” at Boston University. Steve showed a fun slide show presentation of his recent successes in the world of citizen journalism, including his hurricane report for CNN iReport, a photo for WBZ, and a report for BBC about the debate. Steve is starting his own radio show, Revolution Radio, to promote 15 minutes of positive things daily -right up to the election. He also invited people to try out,, and

Jack Herman at NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

Jack Herman from gave thoughtful encouragement to small businesses hurting in the economic downturn. He told people to get out there and (through whatever means) try get to a bigger piece of the shrinking pie. He cited the new ways to reach clients (like social media). He also told a story about how he doubled his ad space in several magazines just by asking. He encouraged the artists in the room to take advantage of the new opportunities to change the world.

Jamie at NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

Jaymie is a local painter who came to learn more about what’s happening in our creative community. Soon her work will be seen at the Rye Public Library in an exhibit of female Seacoast artists.

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

Film producer Bill Rogers of did a recording for his wonderful Bald Guy on Climate Change series right in the middle of the meeting! He showed everyone how easy it is to produce quality, fun, and informative media using increasingly accessible tools. He used to need a crew, now he just needs an idea. Very inspiring stuff. After the meeting (where they met for the first time), Bill and Steve made an episode in the car!

20081012-3258 (by sskennel)

Sean Hurley (Sherwin Sleeves from the award winning podcast Atoms Motion and the Void) talked about his journey from podcaster to public radio contributor. He is working on a grant proposal aimed at integrating New Media into broadcast radio.

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

UNH mathematics graduate student Mohan Ravichandran showed up because he is interested in exploring all things New Media. He said it was important to him not to be left behind, no matter what the field. He was excited to see what’s going on.

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

Roger Goun is a photographer, software engineer, and the original political maverick. He is currently putting together a one day camera workshop for people with cameras who long for a deeper grasp of photography. Interested? Contact him via those links. He takes many of the photos on this very blog.

Willa Kammerer at NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

NHPR intern Willa Kammerer is an aspiring multi-media journalist trying to build up the technical skills to greet the convergence of social media and mainstream media. Currently works for The Exchange and Word of Mouth (which is trying to blur the line between blog and radio).

Bill Major at NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

Bill Major is process engineer with a strong passion for film projects and theater. He talked about how it is much easier to get started than it ever was. He was very interested in hearing about the variety of projects.

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

Christine Major works in public relations with a focus on Social Media. She is really interested in using her skills for creative pursuits. She used to produce her own public access show and would love to produce more media. She is doing stand up comedy October 28th at La Chiquita in Salisbury, Mass. You should go!

Leslie Poston of Mashable, Blorge, and Uptown Uncorked is currently producing two TalkShoe podcasts: MacJunkies (Wed 2 PM on Talkshoe) and Topics on Fire (bi-weekly Sundays 11pm, Next topic: 10/19 on Politics and New Media). She is also involved in a collaborative initiative to encourage women to explore technology careers: Strong Women in Tech via Leslie will be at the New Marketing Summit in Gillette Stadium Tue/Wed. She will also be presenting at North Shore Web Geeks in Newburyport on 10/23 at 7pm on managing work flow in social media, 11/13 at Jeff Pulver’s “Social media: It’s a Jungle Out There” a presentation on using social media to recreate your business for the downturn. Leslie mentioned that is giving away a share of profit to someone looking to take the opportunity. And… she mentioned that Casavidas is hosting a blogger-only Wine tasting on 10/29. In conclusion, Leslie is delightfully busy. She will be hosting next week’s meet-up while John Herman is in Japan. AND… Leslie posted an audio response to the meet-up at Utterli.

Geek Force Five‘s E. Christopher Clark started selling short stories from his book Those Little Bastads a la carte on Lulu as downloadable pdf’s. He is thinking of starting National Novel Revision Month… and John Herman joined immediately. Soon Chris will be publishing Letters to Kaylee (or Conceiving of You: A Father’s Letters to His Unborn Daughter. The book comes out in late November or December. All proceeds will go towards the healthcare costs involved in his family’s fight against infertility. If it works and they are able to raise enough money, then Chris would like to use this as a springboard to launch a charity/fundraising program for others struggling with similar issues. After the meeting, Chris recorded his thoughts on the meetings via Utterz.

20081012-3298 (by sskennel)

Jack Hodgson’s weekly aviation podcast, Uncontrolled Airspace, just celebrated their 100th episode! The show is aimed at pilots as well as people simply interested in aviation. Recently Jack realized he has about 4.9 days of audio. This got him thinking about re-purposing the material. He’s in the process of taking good stuff from older episodes and making them search-able audio clips. He’s also thinking about video and pressing a CD. His fun with friends has inadvertently created a brand with thousands of dedicated listeners!

Brian Spielvogel is an improv comedian by night, product photographer for Boston Acoustics by day. He’s really interested in voice over work and short comedy films. He showed the group his latest collaboration (with Jon Wellington): Funtime Joybox. He recently built himself a steady cam. Interested in developing a collective of people to make fun short films. Shoot him an email.

Bryan White, the creator of asked the gathering: “What horror film would you show a ten year old?” The reason is that he will be talking about that very subject on NHPR’s Word of Mouth on October 30th. This summer Bryan was featured on the Tank Riot podcast. He’s also started a personal blog.

Dave Lawrence is interested in the convergence of real life connection with social media. He’s already involved in the Ruby Rails community and he’s looking to start his own blog for New Media topics and tutorials.

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

Nick Plante a.k.a. Nap of Ubikorp is a Ruby web application developer involved in the Rails Rumble which is a web design challenge (much like the 48 Hour Film project). 140 teams from all over the world participated last year, and this year’s challenge looks to be even bigger. Nick published a book called Practical Rails Plugins. He is also really interested in the concept of work sharing -where people, mostly freelancers, rent a space together to promote collaboration. He instantly made a potential connection right here at the meeting. He is also involved with the NH Ruby User group which meets next on October 21st.

Dan Freund at NH Media Makers (by sskennel)

Dan Freund works with video, motion graphics, and the web. He recently entered the NH Film Festival Override contest. He’s made it to the final three which will be screening this Friday at the festival!

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

Debbi Masse of passionately works to bring people and small businesses together, developing a large network of promotional support. She now wants to explore web-based and social media marketing. She is holding a meeting Tuesday night at the Three Chimney’s Inn 6:30 PM to 8 PM to introduce people to blogging.

NH Media Makers 10/12/08 (by stevegarfield)

Let’s do it again next month!


12 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: October 12th, 2008

  1. I just attended Boston Media Makers and learned about the NH group. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the meeting on the 12th, but I definitely plan on attending future meetings.

  2. I’ll be there. I’d like to talk about an intro to digital photography class I’m hoping to put together for giania’s tech coop.

    The idea is to go from the basics of photography (camera handling, composition, exposure) and the wonders of post-processing in Adobe Lightroom, through basic inkjet printing. I’ll try to give an overview in my allotted three minutes, and then would love to spend some time after the meetup talking about the details and getting ideas and feedback from whomever is interested.

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