Meeting Report: November 9th, 2008

As people arrived at the meeting, the conversational buzz started right away, even without John’s giant monitor to alert us we were in the right place at the right time. Before the meeting started, Chris Clark, Leslie Poston and some new comers discussed Leslie’s favorite stats program (Have A Mint), fully customizable via PHP, EverNote’s use as a meeting recorder via Voice Note (Leslie did not have enough juice in her phone to try this for NHMM) and other tools. Chris recorded a pre-meeting parody of Phil from UnclePhilms on his Flip Camera.

Chris Clark of Geek Force Five and author of Those Little Bastads is looking to launch a new weekly podcast comic books and is thinking of a text series as well. The podcast would touch on some of his favorites like “uncanny xman # 268”, an example of one of the first comics he bought with his own money. He is looking for podcast title suggestions. He is also still working on his Letters to Kayleigh project. He recorded an Utterz.

Roger Goun, photographer, politics geek and software engineer, sskennel on Twitter, Flickr, etc. is looking to teach an intro to digital SLR photography one day class. He wants to boot strap aspiring photographers from “no clue” to competent photographer in one day and is gauging interest right now, hoping to get 4 – 6 in the class at about $25 per person. Leave a comment below if you are interested. Just bring computer and your camera, he will have printer and paper.

Brian Paul is in new media doing mostly performance. His background is in improv and acting, and you may have seen him in John Herman projects like Gravityland, Thomas in Wonkyland, etc. He has a Mogulus site, and he also talked about Wonkyland post production being intensive. You can find him at Stranger Than Fiction.

Nicole, stage name Nicky Click, is a performance artist who produces and records her own music and has several albums out, which you can find via her MySpace page. She enjoys multi media projects and loves collaboration and idea sharing. She is all about a “use what you have” philosophy and is interested in learning more about Photoshop, Illustrator and web design. Hopefully we can hook her up with @giania and her group. She records under the Crunk’s Not Dead label.

Steve Butzel is the Assistant Director of the Portsmouth Public Library and is in the middle of redoing their web site. He is also the President of the NH Library Association. He is seeking a good recommendation for a digital recorder, has been checking out Gcast free podcasting and hosting (supposedly done by the folks behind GarageBand) and he wants to learn how others are doing media projects as well as looking to find more geeks and liberals in his area.

Tim Bickford is a videographer and mechanical engineer who has been producing and editing video for Haunted Overload attraction. He just finished his first green screen project, a spoof on American Idol you can see at “Haunted Icon”. Took 6 mo to finish due to the intensive editing. Asked for some equipment ideas and recommendations, on frame rates and other video issues.

Ari Herzog writes at and does social media consulting for government agencies. He is spearheading the Voices Without Votes campaign about blogging the vote and editing for Reuters. His Twitter handle is ariherzog. He also runs a fan wiki for government users.

John Nunan is an article writer and movie buff who runs the blog Can’t Watch This. He just finished a 16mm film as a current project about magic and relationships that he hopes to have ready for viewing soon.

Chris Knowles, animator and video editor at Mr Knowles, has a Petticoat Pie show he is trying to get off ground and animations like this one

There was a Q&A section where we discussed video equipment ranging from the economical $180 Flip Camera to a $5,000 set up, a well as technical issues like frame rates and digital to film conversions. Hopefully the people who had recommendations will spend some time explaining them in the comments so the information is accurate.

It was a great meeting today, though John Herman was missed while in Tokyo. We hope to see everyone at the next one!


3 thoughts on “Meeting Report: November 9th, 2008

  1. Damn! That’s a lot of new faces. I’ll be at the next one. My extremely busy and not terribly interesting real life kept me away from this last meeting. See you guys next time around

  2. I’m with Bryan. This month has been a mess schedule-wise. Will also be at the next one. Perhaps we need to start looking for larger meeting space(s)!

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