MEETING REPORT: December 14th, 2008

The ice storm that knocked out the power of 300,000  residencies didn’t stop a crowd from coming to NH Media Makers. The group discussed ways people have stayed connected and updated with info during the power outage. Several people present still had no power, water, phone, and heat, including meet-up host John Herman. Nevertheless we traded ideas, projects, and collaborated on some amazing photography experiments (seriously click it!). The meet-up was a welcome break from the ice storm madness. Check out the amazing people that showed up:

20081214-4661 (by sskennel)

Jon Wellington is doing a lot of writing. He runs his own wedding video business, but he’s looking to get into more creative video projects. Loves the technical work and editing. Offering a helping hand to just about anyone getting into video. Shoot him an email: jr_wellington”at”

Dennis Kleinman just moved to Portsmouth from New York. He’s a documentary filmmaker with a special coming out on the National Geographic Channel called Alaska’s Extreme Machines. He’s been talking with NH Media Makers regular Dan Freund about new ways to use the web. And Dan invited him to the meeting! Dennis has an impressive career including The History Channel documentary Hippies and a certain children’s TV classic theme song!

20081214-0309 (by sskennel)

Video Art at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Artist Cassy Warren of is working on the Death and Destruction show at Ello Gallery. The opening reception is January 2nd. She does mixed media works often involving skulls.

Leah Shaver at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Leah Shaver does a lot of different things. She’s a professional web designer specializing in WordPress. Currently working on a female artist site called Twolia that should be launching soon. She also does mixed media work, photography, and more.

Bodhipaksa teaches meditation and produces guided meditation CDs. He also does a lot of writing at He would like do more with online video and Social Media to spread his practice.

20081214-0331 (by sskennel)

Jon Briggs is one of two actors playing the character of Fries on Odd Noggin Land. A musician, he also recently joined a band with fellow meet-up regular Phil Kliger.

Brian Paul is an web series actor and improv comedian who now plays the character of Cheeseburger on Odd Noggin Land.

20081214-4688 (by sskennel)20081214-0293 (by sskennel)

Dan Freund is a web producer and brand strategist. Thinks there is a lot of potential in the branded web series. He got everyone at the meet-up thinking about the potential the web has in disseminating information in a time of crisis. Looking for developers for a web based resource for regional disasters.

Chris Knowles is a talented animator currently working on two freelance projects that can’t be revealed just yet… but very soon! For example, he finished a project this week called “Cole Petticoat PI” which is a pitch for a cartoon. The project should be going live on the web this month.

Roger Goun is putting together a one day Digital Photography Jump Start! Space will be limited to around five people, but the group assured Roger that more might be interested in future classes. This month Roger led us all in the fabulously fun jump photos. He also started a new personal site at

Sharing projects at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)Rails Rumble! (by mrjohnherman)

Kirk Membry took a great picture of himself frozen dead in the street. He’s an information architect and usability expert exposing FAIL at

Nick Plante is web application developer who runs an impressive 48 hour innovation competition focused on Ruby on Rails. It is called The Rails Rumble. Nick would love to do a web comics project. He loves working with collaborators. He also runs the NH Ruby group at

20081214-0305 (by sskennel)20081214-4682 (by sskennel)

Phil Kliger is self appointed official videographer of NH Media Makers. He’s currently producing the music for Odd Noggin Land. Also working on a web video project called while working on the new album “Sometimes Decisions Have to be Made” with his adult friendly kiddy rock band Tunebuggy. Listen to his radio show on Fridays 10 AM until Noon.

20081214-0320 (by sskennel)

E. Christopher Clark is the creator of Geek Force Five. Thinking about doing a text based web series that ties into the novel he is working on. 01824 is the project working title based on the town he grew up in. After the meeting, he posted his thoughts on the idea via Utterli.

Photography at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)20081214-4698 (by sskennel)

Host of NH Media Makers John Herman discussed his recent trip to Tokyo where he performed two nights of comedy and shot a music video. He also announced the debut of the new surreal musical web series Odd Noggin Land.

20081214-4670 (by sskennel)20081214-4667 (by sskennel)20081214-4662 (by sskennel)

And finally Bryan White contacted the group through Twitter to remind everyone to join the “Save the Ioka” Facebook group.


4 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: December 14th, 2008

  1. I’ll be there and I’ll bring some shooting gear. Have you already scouted a location for doing the Shaler jumping afterward? I hope somebody brings lots of AA flash batteries!

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