MEETING REPORT: Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Gang's all here (by sskennel)

NH Media Makers attracted another wave of the best and brightest in NH art and business on the web. Continue reading for all the details…

John Herman is the host of NH Media Makers. Currently co-producing Odd Noggin Land and The Murklins (music inspired by words recently tossed from the Oxford English Dictionary) in association with the RPM Challenge. He is also working on a comic book with Cassy Warren and Ryan Higgins (the three first met at NH Media Makers). Recently John spoke at NH’s 1st Pecha Kucha Night, a global symposium where creative people talk about creative things but are limited to 20 slides, each shown for 20 seconds each. And he left the meet-up early to appear as the guest speaker at the NH Scholastic Art Awards.

Kevin Baringer hopes is developing a web based art gallery at Kevin is interested in working with other artists in the development of his idea.

Jeremy Couturier is an illustrator interested in meeting new people, looking for opportunities. He passed around a fantastic business card featuring an illustration inspired by TV’s Twin Peaks.

Chris Knowles is an animator. Recently he worked on Cole Petticoat PI, a show that is being actively pitched to Adult Swim.

P.T. Sullivan is a photographer and graphic designer. Currently working for NH Magazine, he also shot a photo for author Joe Hill’s next book. He was a Boston Globe foreign correspondent when he lived in Ireland. Soon he will be teaching photography at the Treadwell Gallery. There will be an opening Feb 17th.

20090208-6181 (by sskennel)

James Patrick Kelly is a Hugo and Nebula award winning science fiction author. His also a columnist for Asimov’s science fiction magazine. He talked about his podcasting efforts: two novels and thirty short stories. Recently he collaborated on a project called Tumbarumba, a conceptual artwork that embeds outstanding stories into unexpected web sites via a Firefox extension.

Larry Clow is a writer for blogs and print publication. His move reviews and other writing can be found at The Wire and occasionally Cinema Suicide and Geek Force Five.

Leah Shaver is a web designer and photographer. She is curating an art exhibit for Genius Switch Studios that showcases collaborative artwork. The show will be this spring. Contact her for details about submitting work.

Jon Briggs comes to the meet-up to listen. He plays Fries on Odd Noggin Land. He is also participating in the RPM Challenge, collaborating with Phil Kliger on a musical interpretation of the surrealist movie El Topo.

Shawn Lampron is returning to the meet-up after focusing on applying to law school. He is writing regularly for Geek Force Five. He is looking to do more writing. He jokingly mentioned that he creates symbiotic relationships with people who need writers.

Anne Marie Kane is a photographer. Avoiding the traditional portrait, she enjoys capturing the background moments of life. She is also looking to make the jump into the digital world.

Bryan White is editor of the horror movie review and news site Cinema Suicide. Recently he also submitted a piece about the modern vampire pop culture trend to Geek Force Five. He is working with NH Media Makers regular Nick Plante to create a NH geek lunch. They even have a Geek Lunch Facebook page. Finally he announced his first Cinema Suicide contest. The prize is a Dragon Dynasty DVD: Jet Li’s The Enforcer.

Bryan White (by sskennel)

Dave Lawrence is a freelance Ruby developer. He is tech enthusiast and all around Internet guy.

Tara Walker is a graphic designer, artist, illustrator, and amateur photographer. She works as a marketing designer for William Arthur. She just completed an advertisement for a new line of stationary which will be featured in Martha Stewart Magazine in April. She enjoys pen & ink drawings and street photography.

Phil Kliger (by sskennel)

Phil Kliger makes videos (including videos made of this gathering) & music. He is producing five or six albums (?!) for the RPM challenge, including a family rock album, a “big dumb” rock album, a solo album, and more. He is looking for people to submit children’s lyrics for an album he will be recording on his radio show on WSCA 106.1 FM-LP.

Chris Clark is the editor of geek pop culture site (just featured in the Nashua Telegraph!) Geek Force Five. Recently he changed format of site to encourage more interaction with his readers, focusing on a discussion of the 5 things in a geek’s universe at any given moment. Chris asks: What are you geeking out about? He has more ideas including hosting a Geekforce Madness to coincide with the NCAA tournament. Chris also mentioned his book, Those Little Bastads .

After the meeting, Chris posed an eternal question in the form of a video. Here it is (warning: one instance of adult language):

Leslie Poston is founder of Social Media Breakfast NH, founder of Uptown Uncorked, social media consultancy and freelance writer. Writing Twitter for Dummies with Laura Fitton and Michael Gruen. First Social Media Breakfast NH #1 is on 2/20 at 8 AM at SNHU in Hospitality Center Ballroom. Details and waiting list found at – need speakers crossing topic boundaries to be inclusive to social media and other fields. Current speaker will address building bridges between new and old media. Leslie also hosts Topics on Fire on Latest episode tackles “Social Media and Personal Relationships” with Christine Major of Perkett PR, Ben Grossman, Thomas Edwards from Project Infinity, Tee Morris: author, Diane Darling of Effective Networking. Leslie encourages everyone to check out preliminary findings of her MBTI / Dunbar / Following Study. Leslie will be speaking at Girl Geeks Camp and Social Media Jungle in March. Talked about twittering celebrities and online celebrity on Geek Force Five last week. Find her on Twitter (and most other places) as @geechee_girl

Nick Plante is a web developer with special attention to Ruby, Flash, and Actionscript. He is co-author of Practical Rails Plugins: Build a Website Fast. He hosts the NH Ruby Usergroup (proudly linked in our sidebar) and is putting together a co-working space in Portsmouth which he imagines to be a cafe-like open space for collaboration. He’s also interested in fostering innovation competitions for web applications: doing something neat once in a while, a short-term fresh project every couple of weeks. For example, His goodwill message for the day: Start and finish something in a short time. He’s looking for collaborators to tell stories through webisodes and episodic art.

Roger Goun is a photographer, software engineer, and political geek. He’s working on a photo project of the NH Seacoast and he’s looking to collaborate with writers.

Derek Wilmot of Haverhill, MA is a photographer working with mutimedia. He also attends Boston Media Makers. He’s currently working on three websites. Follow him @derekwilmot

Note: And if you are also on twitter, drop your username in the comments.

Dan Freund works as a 3D motion graphics and visual effects producer. He comes to the gatherings for coffee and company. He is your friend in the marketplace, always looking for good collaborators.

Author Bodhipaksa teaches meditation and produces guided meditation CDs at and In 2000, he started starting setting up online mediation classes. The model is declining, but he is increasingly collaborating on self-guided formats (audiobooks). He’s playing around with Social Media, including Twitter, Facebook, and more. He’d love to do more video, and he’s looking for collaboration on a Flash-based meditation project. He also got a book offer recently. And he mentioned recent geneaological research uncovered a famous criminal in his family who wrote books after incarciration.

20090208-6166 (by sskennel)

Bill Garamella has an interest in IT and the bridge between security/people. He believes there is a need for small orgs/individuals to be aware of security issues and opportunities. He just finished a Master’s in Information Assurance at Norwich University.

Lisa Peakes is from NH Public Radio. She works with fellow NH Media Maker member Jon Greenberg who’s integrating Social Media in town meetings. She’s interested in voiceover projects, and is interested in collaborative work; especially especially literary fiction and dramatic scripts. She also has a background in folk music and studied acting for 5 years at Emerson. She is also interested into physical culture and is an amateur bodybuilder.

Lydia Henry is involved with Media Power Youth which empowers youth to use media in healthy manner. She teaches how media can be used in a positive, empowering way. She is making short videos for a youth group in Goffstown and believes there is a need for media production for school programs.

Laurie A. Couture and her son Brycen R. R. Couture randomly happened upon the meeting and decided to stick around for the fun. Laurie is the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing, a book contrasting parenting and teaching methods of primitive cultures with modern culture. She is also an artist, photographer and public speaker. Brycen is a homeschooler who is a musician, writer and runs a small crafts business. He sings with Con Tutti and the Phillips Exeter Academy Glee Club.


14 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: Sunday, February 8th, 2009

  1. Wow this is great! I am a Newmarket resident and aspiring illustrator. I have been looking for opportunities to network with artists and here it is-just around the corner! I’ll definitely be there February 8th!

  2. Hey my name is Sebastian Gouveia, I’m a student of John Herman. He mentioned that these meetings are open to anyone, so I’ll be stopping by on the 8th to check it out.

  3. Big ups to the NHMM crew. What a turnout today! Record attendance and a totally sweet group. Had great convos with Larry, ECC, Jeremy and Jim Kelly about comics to movies, comics to TV and sci-fi. Looks like Shawn Lampron is going to turn in some potential articles to Cinema S as a result of today. Probably the most fruitful meeting I’ve been to yet.

  4. One last item that I completely neglected to mention at the meet up: Heard about that Jane Austen meets the undead book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? It’s become pretty viral and just about every site that could possibly write it up has been writing it up lately. NPR even featured it recently.

    Yeah. That was me. Thanks to a certain Portsmouth book store employee, she helped me break the story. I’m still waiting to get credit for it.

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