MEETING REPORT: Sunday, March 8th, 2009

New Hampshire Media Makers (by Brian Turnbull)

NH Media Makers attracted a tsunami of creative minds. The ideas in the room were incredible. Keep reading for more on who attended…

Nick Plante is a Ruby developer, co-author of Practical Rails Plugins: Build a Website Fast. He hosts the NH Ruby Usergroup (see sidebar) and is putting together a co-working collaborative space in Portsmouth with Brian Turnbull. He’s also recently focusing on weird web projects, and he welcomes ideas.

Avishay Artsy produces and directs NHPR’s Word of Mouth. The show covers new ideas and trends, pop culture, authors, musicians, and more. Have ideas for the show or blog? Get in touch.

Jason Tublewicz just moved here from California to work on a snowboard show for He also made videos for Team Solitaire He’s experienced in action sports video but is interested in all sorts of projects.

Dan Freund works as a 3D motion graphics and visual effects producer. He also started shooting a web video profile series that’ll soon feature the NH Media Makers meet-up.

Kirk Membry launched Moss Creek Media, a pano-photography business. He showed us an incredible pano of a model-T snowmobile.

Leah Shaver and Roger Goun (by Brian Turnbull)

Melissa Scott is a science fiction writer who teaches creative writing online. She’s looking new ways to do it on the web.

Jeanne McCartin is a tireless art proselytizer. She writes the Spotlight Gossip Column and produces an arts video blog as her alter ego The Gossip Lady. Let her know when something new is happening in the scene! She’s always looking for new ways to support the arts. By the way, The Gossip Lady blogged about her impressions of the meet-up in a post called Geeks Rule!

Brian Turnbull showed off the potential co-working space site that he’s working on with Nick Plante. He is interested in recreating the energy of NH Media Makers in a permanent local, but he wants a name. If you name the space, then you will get a free month’s rent.

Jeremy Couturier is an illustrator interested in meeting new people who need pictures of… well… Chuck Norris kicking Godzilla in the face, for example. He’s looking for new opportunities.

P.T. Sullivan just re-launched his website thanks to Nick Plante. The two met at NH Media Makers. P.T. is working with John Herman on a photography/Social Media art installation, filmmaker Ernest Thompson on a book, and brewer Jason Bourassa on web TV episodes explaining how to brew beer. He’s also a photographer for NH Magazine.

20090308-6435 (by sskennel)

Fine artist Cynthia Woehrle from Worcester, MA is very excited about collaborative projects. She serves as a board member for Arts Worcester. She shared a bunch of events with the group, including stART on the Street, which attracted 35,000 people last year. Cindy blogged about the meet-up here.

Paul Foster occasionally writes for The Wire. He is looking for venues to show his short film, Grey Branches, which he described as 34 minutes of challenging images and music, a modern interpretation of a fairy tale. The group suggested several places including the Red River Theatres of Concord.

NH Media Makers founder John Herman is co-producing (with Ryan Plaisted) Odd Noggin Land, a surreal musical web video series (now featuring web comics and bonus videos!). He also finished his first album with The Murklins, consisting of organic beats inspired by words recently tossed from the dictionary. This month he’ll also be live casting the RPM Challenge Global Listening Party, remotely controlling cameras in several countries and cities. He was pretty blown away by this month’s turn out and promises more chairs next time. Seriously.

Ian Parker is interested in collaborating on all sorts of projects. He notes that he recently played a dead guy in a zombie movie. He’s up for consulting on zombies and the web.

Joe Goullaud is a recent college grad, software engineer, and aspiring filmmaker (who’s getting into video podcasting).

Jon Wellington is a comedian and videographer producing content for He mentioned a project called Sandwich of Terror. He wants to write with people and for people. Looking for folks who want to add a little comedy to their content. He also wants to start filming documentaries. Contact him at jonwellington “at”

20090308-6441 (by sskennel)

Len Hoover specializes in product design, refreshing your existing product, 3D models, and custom airbrushing.

Phil Kliger makes videos & music. He produced a bunch of albums for the RPM challenge. He invites people to listen to his radio show Fridays on WSCA 106.1 FM-LP. As of April 1st, he hopes to be contributing music and video to The Eiseman Report.

Nate Hastings manages bands and promotes shows with Big Duck Management. In the past, he’s worked with Higher Ground at The Music Hall of Portsmouth and promoted many shows for the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

Joseph K. Murphy is front man for the band Murkadee (which he notes is breaking up). Now he is composing music for UNH’s Health Services, and he’s looking for more composition work. Recently he released a music video shot by John Herman in Tokyo, Japan.

Larry Clow does a lot of writing. You can read his stuff at The Wire, Cinema Suicide, and Geek Force Five. He comes to the meet-up to… meet people, of course.

Leah Shaver (by sskennel)

Leah Shaver is a web designer and photographer, who is having fun learning to use her new Cannon 40D. She is interested in design work rather than web development, and she took a moment to explain the difference. In late Spring/early Summer, she is producing a collaborative art show at Genius Switch Studios. Contact her for details about submitting your collaborative work.

Jon Briggs plays Fries on Odd Noggin Land. He participated in the RPM Challenge, and, with Phil Kliger and John Herman, displayed his finished album to the group.

Bryan White is editor of horror blog Cinema Suicide. And the most important thing for you to do right now is to support him with your vote in the horror blog category for the Rondo Horror Awards by March 21st. Seriously, do it. Bryan also mentioned a Keene group called Saturday Fright Special. He encouraged everyone to seek it out King Kong vs. Godzilla at the Colonial. Bryan also recently talked about community generated zombie films on NHPR’s Word of Mouth.

Larry Graykin and his wife Justine pitched a state of the art, broad in scope website that connects the NH arts community. It’s called Art Spider. They are hoping to attract a web designer who can bring the site to life. Larry comes from an education background. He’s also trying to open a charter school that features integrated discipline.

20090308-6405 (by sskennel)

Justine Graykin talked about disconnect between the people who were very tech connected and people who are not but are still very creative. This is one of the reasons why Art Spider would be invaluable. She is a writer of speculative fiction, and she’s recording a web audio book. She believes we need to think outside the box about new and exciting ways to get art to the people.

New Hampshire Media Makers (by Brian Turnbull)

Filmmaker Nick Edgar is involved with the production of “The Kingsmen’s Redeemer” on possibly the only RED one camera shooting in NH. Nick took a moment to explain the qualities of the RED for the group.

Monika McGillicuddy and her husband Jay, both of, have integrated Social Media (blogging, Twitter, and Facebook) marketing in their real estate business. After the meet-up, Monika described he experience at the meet-up on her blog.

Jay McGillicuddy creates real estate websites with WordPress, and he is interested in learning more about CSS. After spending a lot of time with real estate types, he is admittedly very excited to get out and venture with New Media people.

Dave Lawrence recently started working with The Taproot Foundation, a group that links designers in the greater Boston area with non-profit organizations. Dave is also a freelance Ruby developer involved with the NH Ruby group (see sidebar).

Roger Goun is a photographer, political geek, and self described trouble maker. He’s working on a NH seacoast photo project, and he’s looking to collaborate with writers.

Dan Freund (by sskennel)

Brian Moreau is looking to be creative. He would love to someday get involved in film directing, but he is interested in helping with any new ideas. Email him: belldog71 “at”

Tara Walker is a graphic designer who was recently let go at her job because of the economic downturn. She is artist, illustrator, and photographer. She is looking to focus on Actionscript.

Jeff Leombruno is a senior web developer at PixelMEDIA PixelMEDIA. He recently debuted, where people can share their stories and connect. If you know someone who might be interested, then please pass it on. He also invited everyone in the Portsmouth area to meet for a Geek Lunch the first Friday of every month at the Red Hook Brewery. (Post the time in the comments, please!)

Jason Barassa is an artistic beer brewer. For example, he experiments with using wine and spices instead of water. He owns a home brewing supply business in Suncook called Kettle to Keg. He has a lot of ideas and wants to learn ways to bring his ideas to life.

20090308-6442 (by sskennel)

Brycen Couture is a musician, writer, and home-schooler running a small crafts business. He makes stuffed creatures called Feendz. Soon there will be a website. (Editor’s note: you should totally sell your stuff at Etsy!) He sings with a Portsmouth community chorus and the Phillips Exeter Academy Glee Club.

Laurie A. Couture, the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing, a book contrasting parenting and teaching methods of primitive cultures with modern culture, is looking for a volunteer web designer, marketing plans, and any ideas that could get her book out to the public.

Jay Childs is involved in client branding, video and film work. He’s produced a documentary film used as curriculum support at Dartmouth Medical School. He also made a documentary about how young talented people are being pushed out of the Granite State. His new film hopes to take a fresh look at education. This time he wants to lead with a website. He also wants to learn to use Twitter to create dialogue about topics discussed in his work.

Chris Clark is the editor of geek blog Geek Force Five. He’s looking to put the 64 biggest geek obsessions and put them through a NCAA-inspired showdown. (UPDATE: Official link for the March Madness event on Geek Force Five: Chris also recently moved “01824,” a serial web story to his author site (where you can also find his book!). Geek Force Five is looking for contributors. Get in touch.

Christine Major recently began coordinating Portsmouth tweet-ups. The next one is at The Red Door. She also is consulting on The Brand New TV Show, ½ hour magazine style show in Portland, ME. They held auditions this past weekend. Christine hopes to produce some Seacoast NH segments for the show too. She is also excited to go to SXSW where she will be producing video interviews.

Jon Greenberg, Executive Editor, New Hampshire Public Radio (by sskennel)

Garen Daily has done a bunch of stuff with film and the web. He produced the Boston Sci-fi Film Marathon. He’s reviewed films for NECN. Recently he’s also appeared on NHPR’s Word of Mouth. And he also runs, a blog about enjoying life and spending less.

NHPR Executive Editor Jon Greenberg produced an interactive town meeting map featuring a Google mash-up with complete warrants for 107 NH towns. The work was done with four UNH grad students. The project aims to change the way people see the world around them. Next: Jon wants to create an interactive site on the global recession, which he believes is the biggest story of our lives. He hopes to offer a way people can chronicle the event with stories that span the state. He also wants to incorporate stimulus tracking from DC to the NH localities. And finally, he has a fun dream to geocache the letters “NHPR” in a way that captures the spirit of the state. Overall he is dedicated to creating platforms that allow individuals to contribute to their community in a meaningful way.

Artist Sebastian Gouveia is a painter and sculptor. He enjoys silk-screening. He heard about the meet-up through his teacher, Mr. Herman.

Georgene Nunn works for in Dover. Last time she was at the meet-up, she was working on getting VC money, but now has the money has come in… so she is incredibly busy. She’s still looking for writers for her blog, and she PAYS BLOGGERS for their writing, so… you know… get in touch.

Phil Kliger and John Herman (by Brian Turnbull)

Phew… that was a lot of notes.


24 thoughts on “MEETING REPORT: Sunday, March 8th, 2009

  1. I’m planning on attending this month for the first time. Have been meaning to for a few months now but always seemed to have conflicts. But this month there’s nothing, yay!

  2. i wish i could attend… sunday’s are the worse day for me to take time away from my family/church.. oh well maybe someday i’ll get the chance to attend…

  3. @nap – diner pie sounds really intriguing. if i can convince my wife to let me spend a couple of bucks this weekend, i might be into it. but no promises.

  4. I’ve had this on my calendar, but, I can’t make it this month. I’ll be there in April. Look forward to the wrap up post.

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