Meet-up Notes: Sunday, May 10th, 2009

20090510-7675 (by sskennel)

The NH Media Makers celebrated their 1-year anniversary meet-up in style. The meet-up was a packed house! There were lots of new faces and old friends. Door prizes included a DimDim web conference pro account, The Good Beer Guide to New England and a beer from Allagash (donated by the Beer Babe herself), t-shirts from Thumprint Studio and Cinema Suicide, two albums by local musician Jon Briggs, a Bode Miller documentary (donated by its director Bill Rogers), and signed books by local authors Justine Graykin, E. Christopher Clark, and James Patrick Kelly. Keep reading to discover who else stopped by to celebrate NH arts and business on the web!

Laurie A. Couture is the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing, a book about parenting and education in industrialized cultures and how best to move back to natural ways of parenting and education. She and her son Brycen were recently seen showing their support in the efforts to the Save the Ioka.

Brycen Couture is a choral singer, musician, writer, and small business owner focusing on the production of unique stuffed animals called Feendz.

Bill Rogers is a film/web video producer focusing on climate change solutions through his fun and informative Now or Never project. He also directed the Bode Miller documentary “Flying Downhill” as well as a film chronicling a state institution called “Front Wards, Back Wards.” Bill is participating in the the NH 48 Hour Film Project.

Bill Hurd is a wedding photographer, biodiesel advocate, and Mac IT guy. He is involved with Seacoast Local Fest held on June 7th. He also encouraged photographers to contribute photos for exhibition at Bill blogs at

Kirsten Reynolds is an installation artist (and mom!) recently featured in the inaugural Spotlight New England exhibition at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. She’s interested in time-lapse video of the construction process as performance. She does lots of illustrative images on top of landscapes and is thinking of animating them.

20090510-7556 (by sskennel)

Rob Sylvain is the author of Photoshop Lightroom 2 for Dummies. He tweets for iStock Photo and is looking for contributors to the site. He is also a member of the National Association for Photo Shop Professionals and Seacoast Camera Club. He blogs at

Justine Graykin is a speculative fiction writer and co-founder of ArtSpider. She announced that ArtSpider is close to settling on a web designer. The group will be hosting a big arts event in Northwood on June 13th and they are still looking for artists to get involved. Justine shared her belief that traditional publishing is broken. She seeks avenues for new media publication, including online video and audio. She shared a video-reading from her novel Archimedes Nesselrode.

Carla Companion writes about beer at She’s involved in social sites like the Pink Boots Society, Beer for Chicks, the Aleuminati, and Women in Beer. She also plugged an upcoming NH/ME Craft Brewers Festival. She is interested in the way the media portrays women. She’s even thinking of creating of a web video contest for women who enjoy craft beer.

Eric L’Ecuyer is an aspiring writer finishing his 2nd novel. He wants to make the reader say, “Did I just read that?” with his bizarre fiction and unlikeable protagonists. He is the co-founder of Deep Thought, a writing workshop that will meet the 3rd Friday of June at the Manchester Barnes & Noble.

20090510-7726 (by sskennel)

Jacquelyn Benson is directing “Crush Depth” (a play she wrote) at the Players’ Ring Theater in September. Actors take note: the theater is holding an open audition for ALL the 2009/2010 shows the weekend of May 30th. Jacquelyn also encourages everyone to go to’s Killer Films competition and vote for “Over Easy.”

Jim Kelley is a science fiction writer, author of the 2007 Nebula winner, Burn. He was nominated for the 2008 Nebula –but lost two weeks ago. He just completed the 75th episode of his FreeReads podcast. Also, the June issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine honors the 25th anniversary of Jim’s first publishing in that magazine. His next book is a collection that he wrote with John Kessel (who ironically won the 2008 Nebula Award) called Secret History of Science Fiction. It argues that there is little difference between the science fiction genre and mainstream writing and that sci-fi is the same quality as other genres. Look for it in September!

Leah Creates is a mixed media artist, photographer, and web designer/developer. She currently has a show at the ELLO gallery until June 1st. She also revamped NH Media Makers host John Herman’s website.

Cassandra Warren is an artist and illustrator. Her work is also currently featured at the ELLO gallery. She is also looking forward to a July show at Studio 27.28 in Philadelphia and an auction benefiting the SPCA. Details to come.

Jason Tublewicz is a videographer, FCP/AVID editor with a background in action sports video production. He’s done a tone of work, including stuff for He just shot a recruitment video for the Kingston Fire Department.

20090510-7610 (by sskennel)

Dan Freund wears lots of hats. He’s a Drupal developer and a VFX producer. He is constantly exploring new content production and distribution opportunities. He mentioned an upcoming cool party in North Andover at an even cooler blacksmith shop.  He hires Jason (above) whenever he can.

NH Media Makers founder John Herman was named a “top web influencer” by the Ford Motor Company and given a Ford Fiesta (to be released in America summer 2010) to test drive for 6 months. Recently he also joined forces with non-profit media literacy group Media Power Youth as an emerging media consultant and trainer. He encouraged everyone to check out new content at Odd Noggin Land He also challenged filmmakers to join him in competing in the NH 48 Hour Film Project in June. He also invited everyone to attend the Seacoast Local Fest on June 7th where he will be joining improv comedians Stranger Than Fiction in a zany live action game of Pac-man. Finally, he mentioned that he and his wife are having a baby in September!

P.T. Sullivan is a (Nikon pro status) photographer and writer. He shoots for NH Magazine. He’s working with Ernest Thompson on an upcoming film.  He’s also potentially working on a John Herman / Ghost Hunters collaboration this summer. He has a show at the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art (corner of Bow & Daniel St.) He is also developing a College of Beer website.

E. Chrisopher Clark is an author, family historian, and geek. He is releasing serialized stories from his last book, Those Little Bastad’s. He attended Free Comic Book Day last week and gave away copies of his story, The Tale of Old Silas. He looking for in-person events for Geek Force Five to sponsor. Check out the video Chris made at the meet-up!

Marc Dole is from Hatchling Studios. He is currently working on Mito-Kids, a feature length documentary about kids (his daughters) with mitochondrial disease. He already has attracted distribution interest from HBO & two fundraising orgs in CA.  He is also competing in the 48 hour Film Project (that’s three independent teams represented at NH Media Makers!). He will be using a RED Camera and Nikon D90 for projects this summer.

Jeremy Couturier is an illustrator and new dad! He is working with Justine Graykin on illustrations for her novel. He is also producing a monthly web comic for Odd Noggin Land. He’s always looking to collaborate.

20090510-7608 (by sskennel)

Paul Foster is a local filmmaker. He made Grey Branches. He has a bunch of short and feature scripts available. He used to be script reader at TriStar. He is looking to collaborate with filmmakers on his scripts or others.

Hillary Wentworth is a non-fiction writer who has recently written a memoir. She is working with Scott Yates on a photo/writing project. They are looking for more writers. She also has a strong editing and proofreading background.

Nick Edgar is a freelance filmmaker and photographer working on short projects including a grind house picture that could use some help (zombies anyone?). The RED picture he shot earlier this year is in post-production. He’s looking to get into music videos and other collaborative efforts.

Phil Kliger is a radio deejay at WSCA and musician. He provides the music and words for Odd Noggin Land.

Jon Briggs is a scientist and musician. He also plays Fries on Odd Noggin Land.

20090510-7618 (by sskennel)

Joseph K. Murphy is a music composer and audio engineer. He just produced a jingle for UNH Health Services. He teaches guitar and loves Macho Man Randy Savage. Seriously.

Brian Spielvogel is a photographer and graphic designer. He played the rainbow bear in the video that helped John Herman win the car. He is working tech for Stranger than Fiction’s comedy shows this summer every Tuesday night. He has a few domains that may come to life very soon. Seriously this time… maybe.

John Pittman is an IT guy by day. He trains dogs and breeds poison dart frogs by night. Several weeks he got an idea that he shared with the assembled group. It involved Toynbee files as QR Codes: 2d barcodes (invoking URLs from cell phones). It blew our minds. He has a blog covering the idea’s development:

Scott Orlosk describes himself as reasonably clever and very lucky. He has the ability to help projects determine whether or not they will succeed (with a good history of success). He is working to marry his organizational/planning strengths to the arts. Specifically he is looking for commercially viable models.

Art Murphy is from Thumbprint Studios, specializing in audio, video, and live event music production. Currently he’s looking for camera people to film concert events. Recently he filmed two nights at the Muddy River Smokehouse, and he has three upcoming nights scheduled.

20090510-7588 (by sskennel)

Louis Cappalaris is an intra-structure architect for IBM, nature photographer, and documentary photographer who will have work on wall at Crackskulls very soon. He is working on an online presence.

Scott Yates is a Scorpio. He is also a photojournalist for the Portsmouth Herald working hard to try to stay employed. He dabbles in sound, video, and photography, sometimes all together. He’s working with Hillary Wentworth on Pictoscript, a process where he throws her a photo and she writes something inspired by it.  He’s looking for other writers to do this as well.  He’s also a music photojournalist working on a project called Backstage Pass.

Suki Casanave is a non-fiction writer (Yankee Magazine, UNH Magazine, Smithsonian, Washington Post, etc) overcoming a slight New Media phobia. She’s been on both sides of editing chair. She also heads the Newmarket Heritage Festival.

Kevin Baringer is interested in creating an online art gallery and community portal called Bare Arts Media. He is also developing a community access online TV channel. He took copious notes during the meeting. John Herman used many of his notes to create the very report you are reading. Thanks Kevin!

Kirk Membry is from Moss Creek Media, specializing in panoramic photography. He showed us a powerful shot of the recent fire in Alton. His work is currently being exhibited at the Studio of Photographic Arts in Manchester.

20090510-7572 (by sskennel)

Bryan White is apparently among top 1500 filthiest mouths on Twitter. He is the editor of Cinema Suicide. He participated in Free Comic Book day at Jetpack comics in Rochester, joined the League of Tainted Tea Drinkers, and is recording the Wages of Sin-ema podcast. He was also recently credentialed to cover the Rock and Shock Horror Con!

Bodhipaksa is a meditation teacher turned publisher of audio books. He’s also a writer and web-designer who loves Twitter.  Recently he’s gotten a lot out of teaching meditation to state prison inmates. He is also an adoptive father soon to bring home a newly adopted son from Ethiopia.

Brian Turnbull is still looking to develop a co-working space in Portsmouth called PortForward. He’s also a software engineer working his way to websites.

Leslie Poston is from Uptown Uncorked. She announced two new companies. (with @AmyGreenlaw) is indie film meets social media. Next up: (with @mathurrell ) is local music meets social media. 1st gig is in Boston on June 3rd! Hopes to average 10 bands in a night while providing a crash course on online marketing for bands the night of the show. She is the co-author of Twitter for Dummies which comes out June 3rd .

20090510-7564 (by sskennel)

Zach Pike is a writer, animator, and contracted director of animation at Hatchling Studios. He teaches classes in illustration and digital art at York County Community College. He is working on a screenplay about a psychic detective in the Irish mafia! He also made the new website for Crackskulls.

Roger Goun is a photographer, political geek, and self-described trouble maker. He’s working on a NH seacoast photo project, and he’s looking to collaborate with writers.

Kevin Micalizzi is the community manager at DimDim. He’s producing a series of free webinars on the topic of employment. He’s looking for content providers on resume building, etc He is also on the team to produce PodCamp NH this fall!

Dennis Kleinman is a documentary filmmaker. His last work Alaska’s Extreme Machines was for the National Geography Channel. He gave a shout out to Jason who shot the Kingston Fire Department video that Dennis produced.  He also gave a shout out to Phil who hosted Dennis on his family friendly radio show (Dennis co-wrote the Reading Rainbow theme song!).

20090510-7550 (by sskennel)

Desmond Haupt is a filmmaker from Keene looking for assistant editing/PA work. He’s put together a disabled sports documentary with the hopes of creating an ongoing series. He’s also working at Cheshire TV with martial artists.

Ashley is a photographer who works at Crackskulls. She makes a mean Chai Charger. She also had the honor of selecting the door prize winner!


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  1. I’ll have to see with it being Mother’s Day, that’s for sure. I can look at it another way too – being out gives me plenty of time to think of something extra for her when I get home, ya know? Well, I’ll try to work it out as best I can, these meetings have been awesome.

  2. Was just informed that the lovely Bliss Dennen (@blissfork) may be coming to say and bringing HER Ford Fiesta for double photo op #fiestamovement fun… how many media makers CAN we cram into a Feista, anyway?

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