Meet-up Notes: Sunday, June 14th, 2009

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

It was another great collection of new and old faces sharing over a Sunday morning coffee. The topics of discussion ranged from cool new ways to raise money for creative projects, a guerrilla drive-in movie experience, to a first hand report of the infamous Bacon Explosion. Keep reading to check out the media makers in attendance…

E Christopher Clark, editor of Geek Force Five, told everyone about an invite-only community-based fund-raising site called Chris has invites available. He’s hoping to fund quality equipment for his podcast-novel’s ultimate publication. He also hopes to use the equipment to help others. Meanwhile he is publishing weekly stories on the web, and he’s co-hosting (with John Herman) a new reading event called All Things Out Loud.

Bryan White, editor of, introduced everyone to, a guerilla drive-in movie project that starts this Friday weather permitting at 9pm with the screening of Pump Up the Volume. He’s still looking for future locations:  non-residential, big wall, out-of-the-way, parking available. Ideas?

20090614-8001 (by sskennel)

Roger Goun is a political geek, software engineer, and photographer. He’s working on photo show and putting together book.

Nick Plante is a Ruby/Rails developer, web developer. He’s developing digital Comics and a mini-twitter game. He hosts the NH Ruby User Group the 3rd Thursday of every month. Also he is reading at All Things Out Loud.

Louis Cappalaris is a computer dork by day, nature photographer and documentary worker by… other days. He’s going to India later this year and moving to California in July. Incidentally his photos are currently displayed on the wall of Crackskulls.

20090614-8067 (by sskennel)

James Buchannan is a ghostwriter for books on leadership and business technology. He is interested in the political outcomes of the Internet. He’s writing memoir about surviving cancer. Also he’s recorded interviews with people from the International Brigade  (Spanish fighters against Nazis before WWII began) — two members of which formed the “Social Justice League” in NY, then went on to go fight the Nazis and later recognized as “premature anti-fascists.” Check out more about James at

Dave Seah is a freelance blogger and installation artist. He recently designed an interactive display installed at a holocaust museum. He’s looking for projects. He is interested in investigative design, looking to translate between tech-speak and what users want.

Kyle Glowacki is a student artist and filmmaker attending Emerson College. He recently made a documentary on the Squamscott River. He’s currently making a documentary about the Ioka Theater on 16mm film. He processes the film himself. He’s currently fund-raising. Northeast Historic Film is his fiscal sponsor, and he is also writing grant letters. He hopes his film will be done by December. He’s looking to organize film-screenings in Swazey Park. Members immediately suggested he connect with Bryan White.

20090614-8028 (by sskennel)

Brian Sullivan is an observer and consumer of media.  He does theatre tech/lights/sound at Players Ring. He is interested in experimental music. He has some ideas about compositions/improv frameworks and would be open to collaborators.

Tara Walker is a graphic designer for print and the web. She’s interested in doing a series of large canvases of Portsmouth in the style of Japanese wood-block prints. She’s looking for a venue to show them. Also she’s involved in a collaborative project exchange with media maker Scott Yates: web-design for wedding photography.

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Kevin Baringer is looking to create an online symposium for the arts integrating a web gallery with a web TV channel. He’s looking for collaborators.

NH Media Makers host John Herman was under slept because he was in the middle of the 48 Hour Film Project. He was also speaking about “Inspiration through Collaboration” at Pecha Kucha Night Worchester later that night. He was also hosting All Things Out Loud at Crackskulls that Monday night. Tuesday night he was performing with improv comedy team Stranger Than Fiction (an 8-week improv comedy class tught by John is currently open for registeration). Thursday night he was hosting the grand finale of the Energy Smackdown. Friday night he was attending a graduation… You get the picture. He’s busy. He explained that he is always looking for collaboration even though he’s often hard to get in touch with.

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Michael Niemczyk is a reader and writer. He’s been a college teacher for a number of years, newcomer to the area getting back into creative writing. He’s mostly writing memoirs of growing up in Catholic school. He was an extra in John Herman’s recent 48 Hour Film Project submission.

Eric Lecuyer is a writer who has finished his 2nd novel recently. He’s editing now and looking for publisher. He is a freelance editor looking for projects. He co-founded the Deep Thought writing workshop in Milford, and he’s looking to add Manchester Barnes & Noble as venue. He’s inspired by Douglas Adams, HP Lovecraft, and Chuck Palahniuk.

Carla Companion writes about craft beer at as the Beer Babe… but she also works at the Seacoast Science Center  as an exhibits intern. There is a huge exhibit opening featuring a 32-foot humped back whale skeleton. Carla just finished a degree in Environmental Education and she’ll be blogging about how we teach environmental education and conservation psychology. Her new Twitter address: @seacompanion Her beer Twitter address: @beerbabe

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Sharon Harvey is here to woo the media. She is looking for documentarian to go to Kenya with her friend who will be handing out $$ – $1000 plane ticket cost plus need to have malaria shots – this person is a very amusing individual who will be entertaining on film. Email your interest to Harveysharon “at”

PT Sullivan is a NH Magazine photographer and go-to-guy. He encourages people to email the magazine about cool projects, but he reminds everyone that notification needs 1.5 months ahead of issue release. He collaborated on an upcoming episode of Odd Noggin Land. He’s working with White Bridge Farm Productions on a movie to be filmed in NH. He encouraged everyone to attend them Portsmouth Museum of Fine Arts (warning: instant music on that site!) grand opening on 6/27. By the way, the museum is looking for web-designer that will let them maintain their own site. Contact PT directly for this. Actually PT knows another place (Masonic Lodge) looking for a web-designer. Meanwhile he’s developing College of Beer, an interactive site educating people on science of making beer.

Jason Bourassa is a brewer who owns Kettle-to-Keg a homebrew shop. He’s working with PT Sullivan on College of Beer. He wants to make brewing more accessible. He also mentioned that he just got screen printing equipment for his business to manufacture t-shirts. He will do shirts for others as well, up to 4 colors.

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Dan Stampone is a transplant from Westchester, Pennsylvania, a home repair specialist, graphic/web-design, and soon-to-be a local teacher. He’s working on College of Beer as well as his own site which is a collection of math calculators for brewing.

Scott Yates saw Good Will Hunting last night (twice). He is a photojournalist for Seacoast Media Group which just merged content (mostly sports) with Fosters Daily Democrat. He is thankful to do what he loves every day and get paid for it. He encourages people to check out Backstage Pass where he works with local musicians, records audio, takes photos, etc. He is working on Photoscript with Hillary Wentworth & Justine Graykin where anyone can write prose in response to photos he posts. He is also working with Tara Walker in a barter: website for wedding photography.

20090614-8002 (by sskennel)

Larry Clow is a writer for The Wire, CinemaSuicide & Recently he was featured on GeekForce5 due to his exploration of the Bacon Explosion i.e. weaving bacon into a mat with 2lbs of Italian sausage, more bacon, 3 hours of grilling, and likely death from heart attack.


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    • Hi John,
      I’m working on the 48hourfilm project this weekend so I will miss out. I am looking forward to your notes on the meeting and l will plan on July’s meet up. Have a great one.

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