Meet-up notes: Sunday, July 12th

20090712-8812 (by sskennel)

NH Media Makers came together on a sunny July day. We ate ice cream and shared ideas about Social Media, creative content, art, music, and more. There was the announcement of a brand new web series, Meet the Mayfarers, and the debut of regular attendee Leslie Poston’s newly published Twitter for Dummies. She even gave away a signed copy! Keep reading for links to all the wonderful NH artists and businesses on the web. There’s lots of stuff to report!

E Christopher Clark, editor of Geek Force Five, is finishing his novel and raising money through Kickstarter to self publish it. He is currently wrapping up his 01824 series of short stories. Check out his site to catch up!

Leslie Poston just published Twitter for Dummies. She also just finished her speculative fiction piece, The Smokers. She reports that Podcamp NH (October 24/25) is still looking for a venue (which is a huge opportunity for a venue that can provide the space! –editor). She is also working on Online Social Profile: Asset Of The Future (w/ Jim Keenan), an ebook (with Alexa Scordato) on collaborative economy, and with Amy Greenlaw. Leslie also hosts Social Media Breakfast NH.

Watching the trailer for new web series "The Mayfarers" at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Amy Greenlaw introduced everyone to with a video from their latest client, Chase Bailey of Crooked Lane Amy is busy Twittering, blogging, etc. for the upcoming film. And, by the way, Filmpop is looking for a designer/developer.

Roger Goun is a political geek, software engineer, and photographer working on photo show and putting together a book. He provides the NH Media Makers blog with much of its wonderful photography.

20090712-8737 (by sskennel)

Kelly O’Keefe <—- Kelly promised her link will soon work. She is a graphic designer that recently spoke at Pecha-Kucha Night on mixed media illustration. She is open to new opportunities.

Chuck Galle is an actor with a lot of film experience. He’s seen the best and worst of creative work situations, and he’s always open to new opportunities. He recently wrote a creative memoir and adapted it for the stage. Contact him at

PT Sullivan handed out fliers for an intensive writing workshop with Ernest Thompson, author of On Golden Pond. P.T. is photographer. He’s in different levels of development with Ghosthunters, Odd Noggin Land, and College Beer. Also, he’s a NH Magazine photographer and go-to-guy.

Kevin Baringer is looking to create an multi-media online art gallery called

Media Makers host John Herman is screening his 48 Hour Film Project submission, The Way They Were Inside, at the Red River Theatres of Concord. Along with a million other fun things, he’s producing the web series Odd Noggin Land, media literacy events with Media Power Youth, and producing web videos for Square Spot Design.

Phil Kliger has started live streaming his WSCAFM radio show, 10am until noon on Fridays. He’s also making rad-vertisements for Carbee Soy Gesso with local artist Marshal Carbee.

20090712-8675 (by sskennel)

Brian Paul is an actor and improv comic. He’s performing with Stranger Than Fiction every Tuesday night at the Players Ring Theatre. He is also developing a rap album under the moniker 37 Paper Cranes. By the way, he plays the role of Cheeseburger on Odd Noggin Land, the winner of the 2009 Best of NH web series award.

Todd Norwood has a traditional film background but he’s produced Meet the Mayfarers, a new web series following the adventures of a very unique family. He’s also creating two new web series about time travel and super villains respectively.

Nick Plante is a web application developer at Nth Metal Interactive. He’s also a writer and creative who enjoys embracing constraints in the creative process. He’s developed a 48-hour web development competition that over 200 people have already signed up for. He’s also developing a Twitter-based party game, sequential art and comics. By the way, he hosts the NH Ruby User Group the 3rd Thursday of every month.

20090712-8706 (by sskennel)

Avishay Artsy produces Word of Mouth on NHPR, Noon to 1 PM Monday to Thursday. The show follows new trends and ideas. Check out the show on Facebook and Twitter. Avishay is looking to improve social media presence and get questions for guests. He also wants to get musicians into the studio.

Writer Randy Tompkins recently finished a novella. He also is involved in the band Winter Star that participated in the RPM Challenge this year.

20090712-8770 (by sskennel)

Eric Lecuyer is a writer who hopes to be published soon. He’s looking for an editor and graphic designer for the book he’s currently looking to get published. He co-founded the Deep Thought writing workshop in Milford. He is writing a book about a guy who works for a company that specializing in insurance for giant monster attacks.

Brian Sullivan is looking to create a podcast or radio show about media in the area. He plays guitar. He also does theatre tech/lights/sound at Players Ring. He is interested in experimental music and music of many genres.

Tara Walker is a graphic designer for print and the web. She loves designing websites. She will be opening a gallery in Dover. She especially wants to get a dance instructor to teach her and others the Thriller dancer for the Portsmouth Halloween parade.

Dave Seidel from Peterborough publishes strange music that is available CC on his site. Invites media makers to use his music as long as they give credit. He also distributes the source code of the music. He has a Net Label release via and plays bass in Sisters and Brothers in the Monadnock region. Actaully, he plays every third Thursday in Keene at The Starving Artist. It’s a free show. Stop by!

20090712-8752 (by sskennel)

Kirk Membry is a panoramic photographer with Moss Creek Media. He has an idea for a NH Media Makers summer vacation day, in talks with Mount Washington Cruise Line, Funspot. How about that?!

Dan Freund of Kinney Hill Media Partners. He’s debuted to fill the whole for the lack of community access TV in Portsmouth. He encouraged content producers to submit programming to the channel. He’s trying to secure funding for a web series involving Dartmouth engineers developing formula race cars. And he’s interested in promoting and advancing media making in the region.

“Danfranciso” Ratcliff is into sound and lighting. He’s focusing a lot of energy on a wild show with a diverse aesthetic. Think intelligent lighting control meets electronic light show. A few bands in Burlington are already interested in the project.

Steven Bobbett recently moved from LA. He’s interested in acting, folk music (even scored Of Mice and Men). He works out of a studio in Rollinsford where he does copywriting, illustration, and web design. He also works with local businesses like Simply Green. Check out his time travel web comic Wormhole!

20090712-8796 (by sskennel)

Arlon Chaffee, founding member of Lamprey Arts Cultural Alliance, discussed the upcoming redevelopment of the Newmarket mills, specifically the inclusion of a cultural civic center.

Jeremy Couturier illustrates for many of the NH Media Makers including PT Sullivan, Odd Noggin Land, and more. He let out of the bag that he’s working with Nick Plante on a werewolf Twitter game. That’s right: werewolf. You heard it here first.


16 thoughts on “Meet-up notes: Sunday, July 12th

  1. i have a domain; i have a concept – i need a someone to build an interactive website (its not a blog). hoping for leads please before next meeting please 🙂

  2. I would like to attend your next meeting. Though I have not officially produced a film, I have dabbled and help independent filmmakers finish up films to help them with distribution. Have assisted directed via internet on a few projects and have two shorts and i feature independent film that I have started pre-production. I have adhd which makes writing at times a struggle, but helps greatly shooting due to being more creative. I am currently looking for a writing partner/ghost writer to assist in some of the finer details. I have an actress, Aleece Jones, who has two distributed films to her credit and is not a member of SAIG, who has agree to be in my film. Star power being a selling point that helps. I hope to absorb information and give my thoughts.

  3. Sounds great. I’ll definitely come to share (and get shared at) Little about me: A recent graduate of graphic design, I just presented at Pecha Kucha last night in Portsmouth and spoke on resourceful illustration in design.

  4. I think I can actually avoid schedule conflicts and attend this time, all the way from Peterborough! I’ll talk about my work as a composer, especially how my music is all freely available under a CC license for anyone who might like to use it, e.g., in a video/film/art context.

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