Meet-up notes: Sunday, August 9th

Kirk Membry shows off his new gear at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

August featured another great NH meet-up with lots of new faces! Lots of filmmakers and artists this time around (including the director of the NH Film and Television Office!). And we got a demo of a pan tilt radio-controlled camera head (pictured above). Keep reading…

Todd Norwood is a filmmaker with a traditional background who wanted to test out New Media. He launched a weekly web series called Meet the Mayfayers. He reports that he is a believer. He just signed a deal for distribution. Check out the series at:

Carla Companion, fondly known as the Beer Babe, recently got a great day job bringing together research scientists and educators together to concept map their ideas. She is really passionate about online collaborative learning. Heck, it is rivaling her passion for beer (even though she did just recently create a network for beer bloggers)

Emerson film student Kyle Glowacky updated everyone on his upcoming film: Ioka. Kyle is shooting the film in nine variations, each representing a decade of the theater’s history. The movie itself utilizes film tools of the cinema’s past. He showed everyone one of the cameras he is using to produce the film.

Zach Smith is a local architect who also works with graphic design and photography. He is so local that he often is found working right here in Crackskulls.

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Matthew Newton is the director of the NH Film and Television Office. While admittedly new at New Media, he is quickly learning about ways filmmakers can leverage networks to promote their work. He encouraged NH filmmakers to keep him in the loop about their projects so he can both support them and spread the word.

Larry Clow reviews movie for The Wire. He is also co-creator of the popular Sub Rosa Drive In, which is basically awesome.

Tara Walker is a graphic designer getting into user experience design. She is also coordinating with the Portsmouth Halloween Parade to produce a Thriller Dance. She’s lined up instructors and will be filming a makeup workshop for the web with Dan Freund. Join the movement!

Brian Sullivan assisting with the Thriller Dance., playing around with Audacity. He wants to play with automated voices.

Doug Bozek is a freelance videographer, interested in cinematography. He loves composition. In 2000, he did a movie called The Popes (featuring Bigfoot!). He also shot a documentary about the “Kids as Peacemakers” program. He collects The Blues Brothers memorabilia, knows Avid/FCP/Premiere, and is looking to get involved in some projects.

Leah Creates at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Sarah Low is a local photographer who shot Kruceck’s Garage in 2004 (her photos were hanging in Crackskulls during the meet-up). She described how she incorporated metal pieces from car trash heaps and junk cars into the photo frames.

Emily Briand just graduated with social work degree. She is also an actress looking for projects. Check out her work at Gravityland, Odd Noggin Land, and the 48 Hour Film Project. Recently she returned from Ireland where she took care of sheep.

Brian Paul is an actor and comedian. He also wears a Cheeseburger on his head.

John Pittman: daytime nerd, evening jack of all trades. He is working on mediated toynbee (street art tiles with bar codes scan-able by your phone that takes you to real Toynbee tile messages). He is also trying to put together multi-media Lovecraftian fan fiction called The Goat Island Project.

Shawn Lampron is a former English teacher who writes for Geek Force Five (recent articles include movies based on video games that may destroy geek chic). He is also studying law. Seriously.

Cassy Warren is an artist currently drawing 20 to 25 pieces for Artstream. She is also getting involved in the History of Human Desire project that matches photos and writing.

Discussing filmmaking at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Leah Creates is graphic designer who recently quit her day job to go freelance. Check out her portfolio!

Kirk Membry runs Moss Creek Media, specializing in super cool panoramic photography. He showed everyone his new gear: a pan tilt radio-controlled camera head. Cool stuff!

Dan Freund is a shooter, editor, web developer, and video collaborator. He created (a community based media network) with John Herman. He is streaming video from the WSCA radio station every Friday morning. Check it out.

Angela Sheehan of The Fuzz Depot Photoshops shoes by day and makes fleece houses for chinchillas by night. She loves splitting her time between the Internet and the sewing machine. She is interested in mashing digital technology and textiles.

NH Media Makers

Randy Thompkins is a writer and musician finishing his Winter Star album. He is also starting Device, a collaborative multi-media exquisite corpse. He’s fostering a place where people start with text and branch out with other media, including photos and video.

E. Christopher Clark is the editor of Geek Force Five. He is also co-created All Things Out Loud with John Herman. Their reading series is set to travel around NH. During the mee-up, Chris posed the question: How do we as writers take advantage of New Media the way other media makers are?

NH Media MAkers host John Herman is writing a young adult novel, having a baby, created Portsmouth Community TV with Dan, shooting a documentary with Media Power Youth, shooting commercials for the state’s No Bull Business Blog, reading at All Things Out Loud. And always excited to see the creative crowd at the NH Media Makers meet-up!


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