Meet-up notes: September 13th

New Hampshire Media Makers (by sskennel)

A packed house of NH artists, business, and zany ideas. Keep reading for all the details on who stopped by…

Randy Thompkins just finished his Winter Star album for Important Records. He is also starting Device, a collaborative multi-media exquisite corpse on Oct 1st. He is also looking to start a record label. Think small press to pay for music videos, vinyl pressing, etc. Looking to launch five bands. He’s putting together a Kickstart proposal to support the project.

Glenn Gardner filmmaker, producer, and writer is currently working on a script. In 2006, Glenn won the Palm D’ore at Cannes for Sniffer, produced in Norway. He is excited to meet local talent.

Tara Walker (graphic and visual designer for print in the web) is looking for zombies! She is coordinating with the Portsmouth Halloween Parade to produce a Thriller Dance. She’s lined up instructors and will be filming a makeup workshop for the web with Dan Freund. Join the movement!

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Kevin Baringer is involved in Podcamp NH which is coming November 7th and 8th! He is also excited to be launching Bare Arts to promote local artists of all flavors with video and an online art gallery.

Gabrielle La Montaigne is a writer of poetry, stories, and songs, animation/song. She is also Kevin’s 15 year-old daughter.

Susan Kougall is a filmmaker turned screenplay consultant and author.

Jon Briggs stopped by NH Media Makers to see friends. Yay!

_MG_8810 (by sskennel)

Brian Paul is an improv comedy and web series actor. He is performing Boston Improv Festival tonight with Stranger Than Fiction and BP and the Buj. He’s working on a rap album with Jon Briggs, Phil Kliger, and Emily Briand.

Community radio host Phil Kliger is currently selling advertising for The Wire. He has also impregnated fellow NH Media Maker (with the goal of creating the cutest baby in the world).

Nicole Des Jardin sings, writes and acts.

IMG_9152 (by sskennel)

Alan Brady is PR man for Glenn Gardner.

Avishay Artsy, producer of Word of Mouth, is always looking for new ideas and trends for the show. Want to talk about your project? Guest bloggers? Let him know!

Larry Clow writes for The Wire and Cinema Suicide. He is also co-creator of the popular Sub Rosa Drive In, which is basically awesome.

Michael Berry writes plays, short films, and features. Drop him a line at

_MG_8871 (by sskennel)

Dan Freund is launching a community based media collective for locally produced video content. Today he’s shooting a cultural festival in Lowell, MA.

Bryan White, editor of Cinema Suicide, is working on “How to Survive the Strange” a web series with John Herman. He also has a ten-page zombie comic being prepped for Terminal Press.

Tim Somero is a writer, photographer, and moderator for the NH Flickr group, fostering community around local photography. He is also a tech writer who is looking for a change.

IMG_9226 (by sskennel)

Sadi Khan is a writer and musician. He works with hand drums, piano, session vocals, etc. He is looking for music collaborators.

Sean Myers is interested in comedy and video.

Jake Frost really motivated and creative individual looking for projects. He is a practiced nerd, attempted rapper, currently working on a mock-umentary about cigarette smoking. He’s looking for projects involving zombies. Email him at

IMG_9228 (by sskennel)

Nick Edgar is working on video for a non-profit Surf Rider organization, doing a Pat’s Peak video, and has worked on a RED camera film (coming out soon!).

PT Sullivan is a set photographer, band photographer, etc. He has a show debuting at Portsmouth Museum Fine Arts. He showed the group one of the photos that was censored from the exhibition. He is also hosting a new web series and working with Oscar, Emmy award winner Ernest Thompson.

Bill Sawyer is involved in the NH Masons. He’s promoting an open house on radio, TV, etc. Needs help, will pay.

_MG_8820 (by sskennel)

Nick Plante is a self-employed web programmer, author of tech writing and surreal fiction. He’s interested in film making and comics. He is involved with the Rails Rumble i.e. 48 hours to build a website, 200 teams. A group from Columbia won with the site: Working on co-working space.

Leslie Poston, co-author of Twitter for Dummies, runs UptownUncorked specializing in promotion for musicians. She does a lot of social media for business. She also works on helping films find success (like Crooked Lane, a fun paranormal short). He is also lead organizer for Podcamp NH, November 7th and 8th at the New Hampton School. Podcamp NH is looking for session leaders, sponsors, schwag, etc. Also she runs Social Media Breakfast. The 9/25 theme is Community Building. Leslie is hiring web designers. Needs help, will pay.

_MG_8834 (by sskennel)

Roger Goun is a wonderful photographer (take a look around the NH media Makers blog for more of his work), software engineer, and political enthusiast.

E. Christopher Clark is the editor of Geek Force Five, dedicated to the five things you should absolutely geeking about on a daily basis. Looking for artists to create headers for the site. He is also co-created All Things Out Loud with John Herman October 12th the event will be at Studio 99 in Nashua. Looking for readers! Working on a book version of his web based short story collection. Finished a novel this morning!

_MG_8973 (by sskennel)

NH Media Makers host John Herman recently became a father, is continuing to write a young adult novel, finished executive producing the documentary Team Hannah with Media Power Youth, will screen at the NH Film Festival and Newburyport Documentary Film Festival. He shot another web commercial for the state’s business blog.

Eric M L’Ecuyer is a writer who will write anything but romance. One of the co-founders of the Deep Thought writers group in Milford that is breaking into satellite groups in Nashua and Manchester. Finished a novel and looking to shop it. Writing his third novel about a guy who pays off student loans by being a hitman.

Local playwright David Marriello wrote and co-produced his stage play “Just Say Love” as a feature film with Bill Humphries and Stage Wright Films. Looking to spread the word. Has a distribution deal. The film debuts October 22nd at The Music Hall of Portsmouth as a benefit for The Players’ Ring Theater of Portsmouth. David is challenging himself to create a viral buzz about the sublime and spiritual nature of his film.

_MG_8967 (by sskennel)

Tracy Singer is an actor, singer, dancer, and dance instructor. She’s performed at many of the local theaters. Acted in RED camera production The Kingsmen’s Redeemer.

Tammy McCraken is a writer, photographer, event coordinator for Toadstool Bookstore in Milford. Looking for events! Musicians/authors/filmmakers take notice! She has the space to make it happen.

Gregory North will have two of his paranormal romances be distributed on the Home Shopping Network. He’s written for Star Trek: Voyager, Sci-fi Channel, and a book about Buffy. He’ll write everything but westerns. He’s also worked on an unemployment pilot that sounded very interesting.

_MG_8950 (by sskennel)

John Pittman is trains hunting dogs and grows carnivorous plants. He is working on mediated toynbee (street art tiles with bar codes scan-able by your phone that takes you to real Toynbee tile messages). He is also trying to put together multi-media Lovecraftian fan fiction documentary scientific installation called The Goat Island Project. He is also interested in wearable tech after talking to Angela Sheehan here at NH Media Makers.

Charlie Faria recently moved to Newmarket. He would love join projects and meet people.

Alex Hayes is a copywriter and author of Zydeco Shoes: A Sensory Tour of Cajun Culture but describes himself as stuck in the business world. Always interested in creative collaboration.

_MG_8906 (by sskennel)

James Patrick Kelly has written 5 novels, 80 stories, and teaches at the Stonecoast MFA program His next book is the Secret History of Science Fiction coming out in October. he writes a column for Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. Jim posed a question: Are we de-monetizing an industry by giving things away? Have answers? Contact Jim.

Tracy Lee is a photographer. She runs the NH Flickr Group featuring new photographers daily. She hosts meet-ups. She’s working on a fundraiser for music in the schools at Studio 99 Nashua. It’ll be karaoke on October 29th!


8 thoughts on “Meet-up notes: September 13th

  1. Hey John,

    I can’t make it tomorrow unfortunately, but have something to share. I’ve asked Bryan W to share if he goes, but if not hoping you can get the word out.

    BarCamp Manchester is in just two weeks! A free “unconference” for area geeks and designers, it’s on September 26th at UNH Manchester.

    Website is and we’re on Twitter at @BarCampNH


  2. Hello All-
    I wasn’t there in the flesh- but watched on the live stream. Sounds like a great group of creative peeps.

    I also have something to share. I am a a former cubical queen for 15 years, who feared the florescent lights were sucking every ounce of creativity from my brain. So last year I started Appledore Marketing. It has allowed me to slowly beat the corporate grey boxes and starbursts out of the creative toolbox in my brain.

    I specialize in small business marketing strategies, web and social media strategies, and creative design including logos and brand identity.

    Again, I look forward to meeting you all at the next meeting. You can find me before then at:

    Enjoy this beautiful day!
    Sara Beth

  3. John – would it be wrong to demand that the notes feature many pix of the handsome young Emery? On the contrary – it would be wrong not to! (You can probably tell that the WNT is a fave construction)

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