NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)


6 thoughts on “MEET-UP NOTES: October 11th (COMING SOON)

  1. I’ll be there. I was hoping to announce this contest at the next meeting but it ends before the meeting gets here. We’d love you all to make us videos of your favorite ghost stories!!

    RT @FilmPop RT @geechee_girl You can win @NHFF VIP All Access Passes in the @crookedlane #CLGHOST contest! Tell us your ghost stories!

    I’d love to see this creative bunch submit! (pass it on, too)

  2. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it tomorrow or not (it’s a “work day” since I’m taking Monday off to attend MIT Startup Bootcamp!) but I wanted to make sure to pass this tidbit on… If someone could mention it if I’m not there, it’d be appreciated.

    Nathanael Yellis pinged me about our co-working efforts a few weeks back and has decided to start a Portsmouth Jelly. It starts next Thursday, if anyone local is interested. Spread the word!

    Don’t know what a Jelly is? Read on for his announcement:


    Attention work from home people: Thursday Afternoon Jelly!

    After working out of my home office for far too long, I stumbled across a magazine article about co-working. Coworking is when self-employed and remote workers join a little tribe and work together. It offers the fun and culture of a cool office (without the politics and timeclocks).

    I’m excited about the idea because I often work better when I have interesting distractions, not to mention the fact that my home office is quiet and lonely. I’ve talked with a few people around town that feel the same way, so we’re starting a Jelly, which is essentially casual coworking. For one afternoon a week, we’ll be working out of a local cafe.

    Thursday, 10/15, we’ll be at Bagel Works, in downtown Portsmouth, from around 1:30 through 5 pm. Bagel Works mgt is excited about the idea, as long as we buy a few lattes or bagels during our stay.

    So, home office mavens, put on some clothing and work with us.

    Check the wiki:

  3. Elise from Studio 99 Nashua here…very excited about All Things Out Loud at our place Monday 10/12 and will be stopping by for the NHMM meetup tomorrow. See you then!

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