Meet-up Notes: November 8th @ Podcamp NH

podcamp nh

PodCamp NH Panorama featuring Christine Major (by stevegarfield)

The most recent meet-up was held at Podcamp NH. Many of the attendees had never been to a NH Media Makers before, so there were lots of news face and projects. We did a speed through of the normal meet-up but it was still a lot of fun. Check the comments to find out who showed up!


23 thoughts on “Meet-up Notes: November 8th @ Podcamp NH

  1. Seth Cohn is looking for new employment opportunities, either contract or full time. He’s a long time website developer using Drupal. He’s a Search Wizard, and living Wiki. He’s giving another talk at podcampnh on Firefox Addons and Web 3.0.
    He’s ready to help you do all sorts of cool stuff!

  2. Editor in chief of Geek Force Five. Just started a weekly podcast of me reading my short stories called Here’s The Story. It’s available at Next episode comes out tomorrow and it’s called Metal Night at the Roller Kingdom. Always looking for new writers to blog about pop culture and general geekery at Geek Force Five.

  3. I’m Roger Goun, a photographer, software engineer, political geek, and general troublemaker from the Seacoast area. I mostly do event and landscape photography. I’m @sskennel on Twitter, Flickr, etc.

  4. Hi all,
    My website is and I use writing, coaching, and performance as a healing modality with my clients.

    I’m looking for someone who has experimented with many-to-many online video conferencing – have you played with MeBeam, iVisit, SightSpeed, or others? Please let me know!!

    Also, I’m developing an online writing experiment that I’d like to launch in the next week or two. It will involve providing people with writing prompts 5 days a week for 8 weeks and allowing them a place to post their writing and share with each other – it’s a sharing, healing, and support place…for free! I’ll post the writing prompts each day through Twitter and my blog (which will be at

    If you think you/your followers/friends/etc. would be interested in being part of this project please follow me @leah_carey on Twitter so that I can let you know when I launch.


  5. This was my first NH Media Makers meeting. By day, I’m an IT Project Manager specializing in implementing Social/New Media. By night, I’m also an amateur astronomer and filmmaker. My question for the masses is what app can convert MOV to AVI with decent quality.

    PS: I learned at PodCampNH from Seth Cohn that Drupal may be a better tool for my website than WordPress, so I’m going to check it out.

  6. Currently reinventing myself. Finding myself as mixed media artist.
    Currently I am working on two projects. My personal website, and a branding for a small beer distributor in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently work as a Coffee Guru at Starbucks in Manchester. Great passion for film and photography. Also enrolled for Web Development and Web Design at University of Phoenix online.

  7. I’m Bridgette Desmond marketing coordinator for the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce. I encourage all to view our newly launched chamber website. Restaurant Week Portsmouth happening this week! Check it out! Follow me on twitter @bridgedez

  8. Hi all,
    I’ve got the writing forum up that I talked about at PodCamp.
    The site is up at

    It’s 40 days of writing to help shift old thoughts and beliefs around a particular subject. In the first 40 days, I’ll address two issues – DIVORCE and BREAST CANCER. Anyone who has been through either is welcome to participate.

    Please take a few minutes to stop by and please share this with your friends!

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