Meet-up notes: December 13th

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There were a bunch of new faces at this month’s NH Media Makers meet-up. There were writers, web developers, comic artists, marketers, radio people, and more! There were lots of new and interesting projects and ideas! Click here and scroll down to read more about who dropped by!

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25 thoughts on “Meet-up notes: December 13th

  1. Talked about film workshop, attendees of NHMM receiving a 1/2 off discount.

    Talked about Social Mic open mic night – see myself or Chris Clarke to sign up – bands

    Talked about the new book and opened up for interviewees: info on new book (

    More about Film POP! at more about Uptown Uncorked at

    Follow me on Twitter at

  2. I’m E. Christopher Clark (@ecc1977 on Twitter), and I run Geek Force Five. In 2010, I’m looking to make GF5 much more collaborative.

    GF5 is seeking four contributors who are willing to commit to writing 4-5 articles per week for the site. We need a movie writer, a music writer, a comics writer, and a games/tech writer.

    I’m also looking for designers interested in helping simplify and amp up the site’s design. I may also need beta-testers for testing a membership segment of the site.

    Lastly, I encourage everyone to check out my short story podcast, Here’s the Story, which comes out each Tuesday at

  3. I’m Shay Willard, a videographer/editor local here in New Hampshire. I have my own editing rig and access to cameras and other equipment. If I had to pick a specialization I’d say post production, however I am experienced in all parts of video production – from pre prod paperwork to DVD authoring.

    I do all sorts of work, from commercials to narratives to music videos! I’d love to lend a hand any way I can. Had a great time at the meeting this morning, look forward to working with a a lot of the folks I met there!


    P.S. Oh yeah, Leslie convinced me to join Twitter. Rekno2005. I’m sure I’ll have many interesting things to say.

  4. TCPictures is holding a stylized logo design contest. The winner gets their entry up for the day with their name/contact. Like the Google Doodle, but the next design might be from YOU.
    I’m also looking for anyone with knowledge about Augmented Reality (AR). I have some projects in mind for it but the technology seems so new that I can’t find the right pieces of the puzzle to put together yet.

  5. Good afternoon everyone. Enjoyed attending my first meet-up in months. As mentioned I am a producer, shooter, editor, documentary film producer. Own JBC Communications in Portsmouth. Produced Emmy honored doc film “Caring For Mo”, and last year’s “Communities & Consequences”, winner of “Best NH Documentary at NH Film Festival.

    Looking for freelance video shooters (HD preferred) for on-call ENG video shooting arrangement for a client of mine, so must have own gear. I can provide details and yes there is pay.

    Also in very early stages of new documentary project. Looking to get ahead of the curve and plan a media strategy including web, social media, and distribution BEFORE production as opposed to after production.

    On Facebook and Twitter (jaybchilds).


    Jay B Childs

  6. Today was my 1st anniversary of being a NHMM attendee! I’m a freelance web designer and developer specializing in WordPress as a CMS. I’ve been designing and developing websites for ten years and have been freelancing full-time for about five months. (Prior to that, I worked for a web development shop here in NH.) I’m @leahcreates on Twitter. I’d love to talk with anyone looking to create or spruce up a website in 2010!

  7. I finally attended my first MM meetup today, after being a sad procrastinator for the past six months. My name is Aubrey and I am a web developer / designer living in Portsmouth. I specialize in both Drupal and WordPress. I currently work for a web development shop in Hampstead, but I’m always looking around for people to collaborate with up in this area.

    My twitter name is @starshaped, and I currently keep a blog located at where I talk about what I’m making and doing. Anyway, feel free to drop me a line if you want to talk about the web!

  8. Today was my second NHMM meet-up. Like I said today I’m mostly an old-media kind of guy. I do a lot of postering and grass-roots promotion for groups like Higher Ground, Red Hook & the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. (My current project is with the Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST)).

    You can reach me at the following sites:

    Facebook: Search for Big Duck Management
    Twitter: @BigDuckMgt

    Like I said before, postering is my speciality but I’ve also done podcasting and managed social networking presences for events and venues. Music and live entertainment are my primary areas of interest but I’m down for any project.

    Thanks for reading. See you next month!

    – Nate

    Big Duck Management

  9. Salutations, NHMM. It was great to meet and get reacquainted with you all today. My name is Stephen Bobbett. I’m a freelance writer, illustrator, graphic designer and web designer based in Rollinsford, currently accepting new clients and commissions. You can see my portfolio at:

    I’m also developing a time travel comic book series with my good friend Kyle Latino. We’re looking for a colorist and letterer, so please contact me if you would like to learn more about the project.

    I’ve opened up my Etsy store! My first print, “Threat Down”, featuring Stephen Colbert and his precious firearm Sweetness, is now available for sale. Order ASAP to receive it in time for Christmas!

    Looking forward to future collaborations! Have a great holiday,


  10. Had a great time today – loved hearing about what everyone is doing!

    I’m auditioning like crazy for voicework and building my portfolio. It’s fairly diverse – commercials/characters/audiobooks/promos/e-learning….I’ve managed to get gigs doing a little of everything, so I will have a lot to “mine” when I go to update my demo material – so far, I just have stuff from eons ago……….

    Acting as Interim Chair of the Board for Friends of Recovery NH – we’ll need a web site soon – budget for that will be something the Board will be talking about in the new year….

    And I continue to LOVE hosting “All Things Considered” on New Hampshire Public Radio.

    • Lisa,

      There’s a guy in Portsmouth doing some great work for non-profit websites. Check out, or you can tweet @sethhoff. Talking to Seth may be a good way to jump-start your website plans.

      Listening to voice samples is good fun for a Monday at the office, thanks.



  11. Hello All,
    I am Michael Robert Berry of Kinney Hill Productions. I am writer, director, and producer of the new webseries: ‘Round The Square.

    ‘Round The Square is a sitcom-type webseries. It’s not reality based such as I-Carley and most others. Square follows 6 friends who live and work around the Portsmouth area.

    The series premieres on the 15th of January. Our homepage will be up very, very soon. Until then, check out our group on Facebook.

  12. I am NH Media Makers host and founder John Herman.

    Find me at:

    This month I talked about the live web release of a 6-minute documentary film called Team Hannah (view it now at: which I produced in association with, the Fiesta Movement, and a developing video collaboration with a professional crossword puzzle maker. Just after the sharing part of the meet-up I really enjoyed all the talk about augmented reality and upcoming literary events!

  13. Sorry I missed this go-round – hopefully I’ll make January (but if the tides are right, I’ll bail again, ’cause that’s how I am). Folks who want a preview, check the alt.tentacles section of my blogroll.

  14. Hi everyone. I enjoyed meeting all of you at the meet-up on Sunday. I am Patti Fousek, the “creative mind” behind CreativeMind Search Marketing. My company offers SEO and Social Media strategies, consulting, and training to small and large businesses alike. Can’t wait to participate in the next NHMM.

    Here are the ways you can find me online:

    Twitter: @PattiFousek
    Facebook page:

    PS. My husband Ron made a great connection today from a referral from Dan Freund!

  15. name: Nathanael E. Yellis
    deal: Communications Coaching
    digits: 207.641.7018

    thing I think is cool: We’re coworking in Portsmouth! We’ve got a Jelly going once a week, rumors of more jellies starting up, and are building a group. The goal is coworking space in Portsmouth. Join us:

    thing to talk with me about: Getting your audience fired up for your idea. Check out my blog or holler for more:

  16. Roger Goun (@sskennel), software engineer, photographer, political geek, and general troublemaker. I make the annoying flashes of lightning at NHMM.

    I’m currently working on printing my photos from the Eastern Sierras and Yosemite National Park taken back in October. You can see them at .

    Photos from this month’s meetup are up at in glorious black & white (mostly).

  17. I’m Jim Kelly, the science fiction guy. I’ve published a bunch of books and stories Here’s a swell review of my latest book, The Secret History of Science Fiction, which came out last month. I also write a regular column for Asimov’s, a sf printzine. The most recent installment is I now twitter @jaspkelly.

    The indispensible John Herman just published an interview with me (warning it’s a PDF!) in the magazine of the New Hampshire Writers Project

    I attended an all day workshop last week offered by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts for artists who want to make use of social media. One of the presenters opined that it was more important for artists to have a
    blog than to have a website, because blogs look more and more like websites and are easier to maintain. Is this true Y/N? It made my head spin!

  18. I’m Gary Lombardo, the crazy multisport coaching guy and the guy from Brightcove (online video platform company). I am very excited about the passion and talent of the NH Media Makers I saw on display at the meeting– great stuff.

    I’ve got a couple things I’m interested in collaborating on:

    1. I’m currently working on a blogging strategy for Brightcove ( which will cover online video, audio and photos targeted at the marketing person in large and small to medium sized businesses. I’m looking for people who would be interested in a) helping review my approach for the blog, and 2) would be potentially interested in being a contributor.

    2. I also have a coaching business, Ascend Sports Conditioning (, where I’m trying to incorporate the stories of my athletes (and others). If anyone knows of any athletes that would be interesting to profile let me know.

    Follow me on Twitter (, and/or friend me on Facebook ( My blogs are: and Feel free to reach out by phone or email as well anytime.

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