Meet-up report: January 10th

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

Wow. What a meet-up! It appears everyone made it their New Year’s resolution to connect with NH artists and businesses. Check out the comments section for reports on the various people that stopped by!

NH Media Makers  (by mrjohnherman)

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)


30 thoughts on “Meet-up report: January 10th

  1. I’m looking for advice/opinions on SOUND EQUIPMENT for my documentary about NH’s lakes region. I want to record background/ambient/room tone to use with images of stores, restaurants, scenery, traffic, etc. and get no buzz/hum/hiss. I need something battery powered and small-ish so I can carry it (like around town or up a mountain). I’d like to keep it all under $500 if I can. I’m starting to think the mic would need to be unidirectional.

  2. Great meeting, so glad I made it! Shooting Dyslexic Psychic in Portmsouth next weekend (Jan. 16 – 18). Friend us on FaceBook. Looking forward to talking about the shoot at the next NHMM meeting. Congrats to John for becoming a stay at home dad! You’ll never regret it! You can always go back to work, but you can’t go back in time.

    Mike Venn

  3. It is inspiring to be in the company of so many creative people. Any writers interested in stretching his or her literary muscles are invited to participate in my photographer/writer collaboration called PhotoScript found on my blog at PhotoScript is a collection of writers’ free-form responses to a photographic image I provide you. Also, Seacoast-based musicians interested in being profiled on please contact me as well.

  4. Let me echo the sentiment – great meeting! You can see some of my projects under the alt.tentacles heading in my blogroll (blog should link from my name) and see the foolish little home movies of the pups I’ve been having fun with on the blog itself. I’m @drhypercube in the Twitterverse – look forward to seeing folks again in a month’s time.

  5. Hi everyone,

    My name is Aubrey Sambor and I am a web developer and designer living in Portsmouth. I work mainly with Drupal and WordPress using PHP, HTML, and CSS. In the past I have worked as a web designer and have been keeping a personal blog for almost 10 years. I have participated in NaNoWriMo for the past 7 years or so and I create things out of paper and fiber in my spare time. If anyone’s looking to collaborate on a project and need some back end work done, or if you just want to talk tech stuff or other ideas, drop me a line. My twitter is @starshaped.

  6. Great meeting today! So nice to get back to the group and see everyone.

    I am looking for marketing ideas for my consulting business (ie: How to do viral marketing beyond social media sites).

    Please check out my book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing: Healing the Causes of Our Children’s Acting-Out Behavior by Parenting and Educating the Way Nature Intended.

    I am available for consultation, training, workshops and seminars regarding attachment parenting or children’s behavioral, emotional and learning problems. I specialize in ages 0-18 years.

    You can visit my blog at or
    My website at
    I’m Laurie A. Couture on Facebook and LaurieACouture on Twitter.

  7. Great Meeting. Inspiring to see so much talent and energy in so many diverse places and ways.

    We are in Portsmouth looking for climate change solutions and also at

    We’ll be streaming live from the Seacoast Solar Store on Tuesday at 3 talking with Dave Bonta who began the Solar Stores with its notion of bringing solar to Main Street. We’d love to have anyone interested in helping us with the live stream.

    For background here’s the Bald Guy version of the Dover Seacoast Solar Store.

    and here’s the piece where my daughter ā€“ safe to say the youngest of the NH Media Makers on this day ā€“ comes up with THE ANSWER to how many solutions there are to climate change.

  8. It was yet another example of why I am so awed by the character of New Hampshire- there are few places in the world where you can gather with a group of artists and experience an attitude of such support and good-humor. Glad I came- and if you love living here, go to to see your state. Also, follow me on twitter at dirtshopstudio and facebook at dirt shop studio. Also, I am specifically looking for oppotunities to collaborate with writers, musicians, and other photographers on meaningful projects.

  9. Hi NHMM,

    My name is Carla, and I am also The Beer Babe ( Lots of stuff has been going on since my last trip to NHMM – firstly that I now live in Portland, ME and hope to eventually start a MEMM at some point!

    I have also been recently selected as one of the writers for The Hop Press, a grouping of prominent beer writers exploring topics beyond their own blogs. I’ve written a few posts already, the most read so far has been one on what craft beer drinkers need to know about the ABV content of the beers that they are drinking. The Hop Press is at and my article on ABVs are here:

    I’m also currently having some trademark woes as another blogger has begun writing under the same persona. Any advice is great.

    As always, should you ever be interested in collaboration, beer advice, or coming with me on a beer tour, please drop me a line at


  10. Hey y’all, great to see so many talented and creative human beings in one place!

    As you may have heard, the City of Portsmouth, NH, is preparing to spin off a non-profit corporation to run a new public access Television (and Internet) station.

    It’s been years in the making, and now there’s just one more step: for YOU to create the Board of Directors to run this brand-spanking-new startup.

    From what I’ve seen — being at the NH MediaMakers meetup just twice so far — it’s a great way to build community.

    Here’s another great way to build community: by building community television. It won’t happen without you. (Well, it might. But it won’t be as good…)

    Come join us on Tuesday, January 19 @ 7 pm at the Portsmouth Public Library.

    More info:

    Applications due January 28. Don’t tarry!

    Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this here message are mine, not those of the City of Portsmouth, or its Cable Television and Communications Commission, of which I am privileged to be a member…

  11. Hi all!

    My first NH Media Makers and it was amazing to hear about all the projects and all the talented people. I’m sort of new to the scene, but I was impressed.

    I’m working on a webcomic set in a medieval type of world shortly before the introduction of superhero style superpowers. Since I have no skill at drawing, painting, or other of the wonderful visual arts, I’m illustrating with 3D models shaded to look as much like drawn cartoons as possible.

    My website is “up,” but the comic is not ready, and is not yet live. Anybody who’d like to can take a look at what I do have, and I’d love to hear about anything you think, especially any negatives you artistic people might see. I’m a bit blind to color, particularly, and everything else, in general šŸ˜€

    You can reply here, or email me, or whatever it is you do on twitter that I’m still figuring out. I’m also on facebook, if you’d like to add me, just let me know you’re from NHMM!

    @1977chevy (twitter)

  12. I was at NHMM this past Sunday, and I was promoting a new webseries called “‘Round the Square” featuring 6 fictional characters living and working in America’s favorite little-port city.
    The series premieres Friday, Jan. 15th at 10:45am, with a special Q&A webcast with the show’s creators from 10am to noon in the Portsmouth community radio station, WSCA-LP 106.1FM
    Stream live over the web here

  13. Hi everyone,

    I had a great time at my first NH Media Makers Meet-up. Met a lot of great people! I am trying to promote film making in Northern NH. Not only finding and developing talent in the North, but helping other production companies interested in shooting up here. I started a group on Facebook called the North East Filmmakers Club for networking in this area. It was suggested at NHMM that the name of the group be changed to a name that will represent our location better. I’d like to thank everyone who gave me advice and encourage anyone who would like to discuss film making in Northern NH & VT to get in touch with me.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Cloutier

  14. It was good to see everyone again! My name is Angela Sheehan and I am a DIYer that likes to combine traditional crafts with technology. I had a few show-n-tell things that I brought to the meeting from my new blogSoftCircuitSaturdays. The site documents my experiments with and research on soft circuits, e-textiles, and diy wearable computing projects.

    I am also going to be a guest blogger for the site Fashioning Technology while I am at the 4th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction held January 25-27 at MIT in Boston. I will probably be updating with pictures and info from my twitter account (@the_gella) throughout the conference if you want to see some of what’s happening.

    I am also trying to organize a crafting group for general crafting/socializing (think Stitch N Bitch but for all mediums) in the seacoast area and am looking for suggestions on places we can converge.

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