Meet-up report: February 14th

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

This month’s NH Media Makers meet-up marked the rise of QRcodes and circuit controlled clothing! We also heard from upcoming film and web video projects, web developers, designers, dancing zombies, and more. Check out the comments to read about all the people that stopped by!

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)


24 thoughts on “Meet-up report: February 14th

  1. I’m tentatively planning to actually make it to this one. John and I have some announcements pretaining to an upcoming web series we’re producing and I’m also thinking about podcasting again and have questions about that. So I’ll probably see you folks up in there.

  2. It was great to see everyone again and meet some new media makers this month. I am looking to gather some people interested in helping me put together a makerspace/open studio/diy community space in the seacoast and would love to hear any advice on locations, how to organize a community space, and any other info you’d like to share. Looking forward to connecting with all you seacoast makers!

    I also explore soft circuits/wearable electronics on my blog and do some sewing for chinchillas at


    • Sent a message on FB to Natalie Zee Drieu regarding your inquiry. Check out the TechShop in Silicon Valley…quite an amazin place. I auditioned for MakerFaire there in 2007 (and was a maker at the San Mateo, CA show). Probably overkill for what you envision, but it’s an amazing resource. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi everybody,

    It was great to meet so many talented folks at Crackskulls this morning. If anybody is interested in learning more about my documentary, my writing, how-to videos, or my forthcoming blog, please check out my website ( or shoot me an e-mail (!

    Also, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in helping out with the documentary. I am looking for help of all kinds, no experience required, but a healthy curiosity for filmmaking, journalism, photography, and/or writing would be helpful!

    Have a great day,
    Michael Grosse

  4. Enjoyed my first meetup! I am a co-founder of the Joomla User Group New Hampshire. We meet monthly alternating Manchester and Newmarket, support, education, networking. All users newbie to pro welcome. Next meeting is March 10 5:30 pm Newmarket Library, SEO for Joomla. Some fun training sessions – JoomSki, March 6-7 in Brattleboro, and Joomla Day New England June 5, both sponsored by JUG New England. I also work in the marketing dept for a medical group, and market pretty aggressively – always looking for new ideas. We’ll be at the Social Media Breakfast this Friday in Portsmouth.

  5. I enjoyed the meetup, I am Directing The Techsorcist a short comedy about a little old lady her infected computer and the Techsorcist who tries to drive the virus out. Story and screenplay by Mike Walsh, Mark A. Gagnon and Dave Langley. We are looking for additional crew so anyone who would like to help out please visit The Techsorcist fan page on FaceBook and leave a message.

    Principal photography will be shot on Saturday & Sunday April 24-25 and May 1-2.

    I am a visual effects artist and compositor so keep me in mind for projects.

  6. Thanks for another great meet-up!


    Local Producers Casting ‘Strange’ Web Series

    Want to learn how to destroy evil robots with jumper cables or how to troubleshoot broken household appliances with ESP? New web series ‘How to Survive the Strange’ aims to be PBS’s This Old House meets a zombie apocalypse survival guide. An open casting call for the show will be held March 15th at 6pm at Crackskulls Coffee and Books in Newmarket, NH.

    ‘How to Survive the Strange’ is a tongue in cheek how-to series created by web producer John Herman and Bryan White, author of B-movie blog Cinema Suicide. According to the creators, the show aims to prepare the public for everything from alien invasion to campground slashers –often using common objects around the house. Herman and White are looking to cast zombies, ghosts, evil robots, and even a crazed mob. And there are non-strange roles to cast too.

    Interested non-union actors are encouraged to bring a headshot and talent resume, though neither is required to audition. Actors will be seen on a first come, first served basis. How to Survive the Strange debuts May 3rd on the web.

  7. Hi everyone! I had a fantastic time at today’s meetup, as always. My name is Aubrey and I am a web developer / designer / Drupal geek. I also do some behind the scenes backend WordPress work, so if anyone needs assistance with a Drupal site or help with backend WordPress fun, I’m your gal!

  8. What a great meeting 🙂 Enjoyed seeing both old and new friends and colleagues.

    Shorts in Ports Wildcard Movie night at The Music Hall:

    New All NH Calendar – get me your .ics file to be included each month 🙂

    SMBNH is this Friday with KD Paine, Maria Simos, more on Tracking Success” (get on the mailing list)

    Leslie Poston
    Twitter @leslie
    SKYPE: UptownUncorked Social Media Consulting: Bringing People Together, Founder A Digital and New Media Agency for Independent Film, Co-Founder
    You can read my work at Mashable, Style Career Publications, Technosailor, Media Bulls Eye, Louis Gray Blog, Blorge, Free Access Australia, Lost in Technology, Profy and now: Twitter for Dummies (coauthor: Fitton, Poston, Gruen)

  9. Hey Great meeting this morning, awesome seeing so many people at Crackskulls. I’m looking forward to getting my film Dark Scribbles out to festivals. Still working on the edit, looks like color correct will happen sometime this week and then I think we will be having a cast and crew screening. If you’re on Facebook, the fan page is “dyslexic psychic”. hope to see you all next month. Looking forward to the next shoot… Dave’s “the techsorsist” and all of the others that we’ve got brewing in this great seacoast community. -Mike

  10. Great to see a few familiar faces and meet some new media makers this morning. Thanks to John for organizing and to Crackskulls for hosting.

    I was really impressed by the number of diverse projects that were discussed today. The passion and enthusiasm was contagious and I left feeling motivated, as I’m sure many of us did.

    Let me know if you’re interested in filming your Ultimate Meal for dishKarma. We’ll post it on our blog and include links to any projects you’d like to promote. These are quick, easy and fun.

    Here’s an example from Dan Delaney of Vendr TV:

    Hit me up on Twitter if you want to share your video and I can give you more details.

    Would love for folks to weigh in on my car shopping experiment as well. It’s still in progress but you can get updates on my blog and on Twitter.

    Looking forward to connecting online and hopefully seeing everyone at another meet up soon.



  11. It was great meeting all of you today. I love to make connections with fellow artists and filmmakers out of state.

    You can check out my page at

    and I am open to suggestions RE: my blog and if anyone has any super cool new ideas about how to distribute a demo reel in a fun way that doesn’t involve simply handing out DVDs, please let me know!

    You can also find me on facebook and twitter @CaseyMcDougal

    Good luck everyone and I hope to work with you sometime soon! 🙂

  12. I’d like to echo my friend Mike Venn’s comments – “great seacoast community”.

    Also, if anyone from NH Media Makers is interested in getting involved with The Techsorcist please contact us on Facebook (search Techsorcist).


  13. Thanks for all the positive responses to William Shatner Beat Night. In case you missed the details:

    William Shatner Beat Night
    Coat of Arms
    Monday, March 22, 2010 7pm-10pm
    Bring a can of food for the Seacoast Family Food Pantry
    twitter: @shatinator

    If you would like to perform email me! Spots are filling fast.

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