Meet-up notes: March 14th

Experiment media projects at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

The March meet-up of NH Media Makers featured even more experimental media projects and homemade gear than last month! We heard about a bunch of independent comic projects too. There were graphic designers, bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and many more mediums represented. Check out the comments to see who stopped by!

QRcodes at NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)


20 thoughts on “Meet-up notes: March 14th

  1. Have to miss this one – see you next time!

    Leslie Poston
    Twitter @leslie
    SKYPE: UptownUncorked Social Media Consulting: Bringing People Together, Founder A Digital and New Media Agency for Independent Film, Co-Founder
    You can read my work at Mashable, Style Career Publications, Technosailor, Media Bulls Eye, Louis Gray Blog, Blorge, Free Access Australia, Lost in Technology, Profy and now: Twitter for Dummies (coauthor: Fitton, Poston, Gruen)

  2. Hello! My name is Stephen Bobbett, and I’m a cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer and copywriter.

    My recent projects include the Ugly Furnace Pageant for Simply Green Biofuels (seen in The Wire); the Regeneration Park website; and the poster for William Shatner Beat Night (features as the cover of Showcase in the 3/11 edition of Fosters Daily Democrat).

    I’m currently working on my illustration portfolio and (eternally, it seems) developing a new comic book series called Aeon. I’m also accepting new freelance clients, so please contact me if you’re interested in working together. You can also follow me at username.@snarky_malarkey. Can’t wait to hear from you!

    – Stephen

  3. Hey, all – projects that are simmering away include Mediated Toynbee and the work I’m doing to help my friend and local historian Mo Labrie with putting the Goat Island Project on the web.

    Forgot to mention that Ada Lovelace Day is coming up – blog away (I’m going to)!

    Regardless of where April NHMM is, I won’t be able to make it – I need to go grocery shopping for the critters (btw – awesome venue for people watching/photography).

    I posted a few pix from today on my blog – linked in the header…

    Cheers – John P

  4. I hate Daylight Saving (no second “S”) Time with a passion. Every year I’ve noticed accidents everywhere the first week after so I’m gonna try a photography experiment of making a poster filled with all the accidents I find. If you get a good shot, lemme know. I’ll add the pic and your name (if you’d like) to the poster.

  5. Hi, my name is Jeremy Couturier and I’m an illustrator from Newmarket,NH.

    I just completed the artwork for Grant Alter’s story “Home”, which will appear in an upcoming volume of the Zombie Bomb comic anthology. The book is being published by Terminal Press and edited by Adam Miller and Rich Woodall. Adam and Rich will be at the Boston Comic Con in April promoting the book!

    I’m currently looking for a digital colorist to help me finish the project.

    Check out the Zombie Bomb Facebook page here:

    As always I am available for freelance work and collaboration be it print or web



  6. Hello all,

    This was my second NHMM and it was cool to hear about all the projects people are working on. My own project, the weekly webcomic Powers for Profit has been up for almost three weeks now, which means there are almost 3 comics šŸ˜€ The third comic is going up tonight at midnight.

    Please check it out and let me know what you think, either through comments to the site or twitter, or however you like. I appreciate any feedback, especially the kind from creative types.


    David Chevalier

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  8. Twitter: @onewordheadline

    In addition to, I’m helping to organized The Wire’s RPM Challenge listening party this year and I believe we’re going to need some volunteers. We need help running projectors/computers for each of the party venues among other things. Let me know if you can be free the week leading up to Sat. March 27th or, at the very least, the day of.


  9. want or need to find me? i’m anne bryant on facebook, art reviewer for the portsmouth herald and other publications.
    twitter @wicked_neat and @beagoodegg
    also, always lovin’ fans of wicked neat and my baking/drinky page ‘the anchor and the bee’ on facebook.

    so glad to finally make it to nhmm, to see tweeps in real life, reconnect with friends, and meet new folks.

    as it goes, i had all my thoughts organized until that john herman character pointed at me, telling me it was my turn. it’s good that i’ve got this venue to reiterate what i came for today.

    i’m a professional organizer, freelance writer, personal assistant, and girl friday. i’m looking for passionate professionals with projects that may need anything from marketing help to invoicing or bookkeeping know-how. i’m also great with schedules, time management, and home office organization and am here to help with anything that needs follow through and solid planning. you’re busy writing code, making films, taking pictures, and grinding through the creative process. i can handle the administrative stuff and give you time to grow your business.

    also, @leahcreates is most likely going to have my website up tomorrow and i’d love your feedback.

  10. It was good to see everyone again, I’m Angela and I make strange and fun projects out of electronics and sewing/crafts. I’m blogging over at and am also on twitter (@the_gella). I have a few fun things on the horizon, including applying to be a part of the Boston Makerfaire that is coming up in April (part of the Cambridge Science Festival), and going to California for the big Makerfaire in May.

    I love crafting and making so if anyone wants to get together and build something anytime, just drop me a line on twitter. I think this week I am rounding up a few people to make a DIY version of this lamp if anyone is interested.

  11. Bryan White here. In summary, even though most of you know this: I write about movies. Often. Usually here:

    Cinema Suicide got a sweet new theme that went live last Tuesday. Getting lots of positive feedback on it.

    Cinema Suicide, thanks to me and my righteous insight into the genre, is up for a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award since I tend to celebrate the golden and silver ages of horror at length. Please vote for me. I sure would appreciate it. Go here, read the instructions carefully and vote on the ballot. Please vote for as much as you’re familiar with:

    I have a short comic running in the upcoming second volume of Zombie Bomb!, a quarterly zombie horror comic published by Terminal Press and edited by Rich Woodall and Adam Miller. Since Terminal publishes on demand, they don’t follow any sort of schedule so issue 1 should be available in the next couple of days. Order it here, it’s very good: then keep an eye out in July for Volume 2, featuring my story, This Night I’ll Eat Your Flesh.

    I’ve been writing short fiction since I was 13 but have never submitted any of it for publication. I sent a New Hampshire themed story about an office slave having his limbs amputated in a basement by a homonculus to Rick Broussard’s Live Free Or Undead project. Fingers crossed that it winds up in the book.

    Finally, John Herman and I are holding open auditions tomorrow (3/15) at Crackskulls for our upcoming web series, How To Survive The Strange. All are welcome and I urge you to at least poke your head in. It’s going to be a lot of fun. We have sweet door prizes and a guy who will be doing a bed of nails routine.!/pages/How-to-Survive-the-Strange-the-web-series/295724873522?ref=ts PS: I’m not kidding about that last part.

  12. I am Aubrey (who doesn’t like her last name almost as much as Leah doesn’t like hers) and I am a web developer / designer living in Portsmouth. I’m currently looking for a full time gig in Portsmouth, as currently I commute to Hampstead to pay my bills.

    I have experience with Drupal, WordPress, and custom built solutions; I’ve done work for Kabbalah, Intuit, the Farmer’s Almanac, and Real Clear Politics and have been maintaining my own site, Star Shaped ( for almost 10 years now.

    If you need help with your site, back end wise, feel free to contact me. I’m on Twitter as @starshaped; feel free to add me as a friend!

    I also like to craft and make things. I have a spinning wheel sitting in my apartment at this very moment, and a sewing machine and lots of paper, fiber, and fabric. So I’m always down for a craft night.

  13. Hi, Angela again. I just got an email asking if anyone is up for helping out doing some video documentation at the upcoming Boston Makerfaire on April 24th. They are looking for volunteers to help shoot some footage and interviews with the makers who will be presenting at the faire and also some post production. This would be a great opportunity to hang out with some cool people and see some great works! I can forward the info to anyone interested, email me at angelamsheehan [at]

  14. Brian Sullivan counting down the days to William Shatner Beat Night over at the Coat of Arms Monday March 22nd starting at 7:00pm.

    It will be a great time, with entertainment, prizes and a Canadian beer special. I have a long list of performers but still have room for more. Contact me at or to sign up.

    At the meeting I spoke with Dan Freund at about webcasting the event. The chat feature will be a cool way for people to interact with the performance if you can’t make it to the event.

  15. I’m Roger, known as sskennel in all the usual places. I’m a software engineer, photographer, and political geek from Brentwood. I’m responsible for the frequent and annoyingly bright flashes of light at most NHMM events. Distilled photons from these flashes can be found at . (Start at the end if you’re only interested in yesterday’s photos.)

    I’m looking for a female model to help me tell a ghost story in photos at a local graveyard. Twenty- to thirty-something, tallish but otherwise average dimensions, ability to project subtle and realistic emotion in a still frame. Leads welcome.

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