Meet-up Notes: April 18th

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

This was great meet-up featuring a bunch of new faces. Check out the comments to see who stopped by!

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)

NH Media Makers (by mrjohnherman)


18 thoughts on “Meet-up Notes: April 18th

  1. I am looking forward to it. I have written a short screenplay. A friend and I looking to develop it into a movie short. For other projects I’m working a graphic novel and have written a novel but so far no luck finding a publisher. I am looking to connect with other creative people and I’m told this is the place.

  2. Have to miss this one…watching my son.

    (For anyone new to NHMM) I’m pen and ink artist who specializes in sequential art, commercial and editorial illustration, logos, and just recently tattoo design and storyboards.

    I make my home in Newmarket NH, and always looking for interesting projects and people to work with.

    Planning on making an appearance at Free Comic Book Day this coming May.

    Click on my name to the right to access my blog.
    Hope to make it to the next meeting!

  3. Great time this week! My name is Joseph K Murphy and I’m a musician from Epping, NH and I also teach guitar lessons for almost all ages, which you can check out at the website I’ve listed. I’m always doing projects so if you need music give me a buzzzz. Follow me on twitter, my twitter handle is josephkmurphy !

  4. Here is an outline of what I talked about let me if your interested in contacting me and I’m on facebook.

    Outline for media makers tomorrow

    What I am working on?

    1.I finished a book the first part of trilogy
    a. I need proofreaders, editor, literary agent and publisher for the first book
    b. Second book is in process currently writing

    2.I have started another book that is unrelated to the trilogy that was inspired by my time as a rural social worker in the North Country and when I was a state legislator. Book takes place in the fictional town of Maynesboro which used to be the original name of Berlin, NH.

    3.I have produced a screenplay for a movie short which myself and a friend plan on producing.
    a. We will need interested individuals to make this movie. My friend, Bill Yeaton is a noted photographer. He produced a movie when he was in High School and it got honorable mention at a National Film Festival. The only high school student to be so awarded.
    b. I feel that the screenplay could be easily adapted for the stage and would like interested to give their advice and opinion.

    4. I have converted an excerpt of Book 1 and Book 2 into short stories. I am considering putting them in screenplay format for possible consideration toward developing one or both into movies.
    a. The excerpt from the first book shows the development of a female Christlike character.
    b. The excerpt from the sequel has hero in conflict because he is a vampire who only feeds on the blood of other vampires.

  5. Hi,

    I’m the writer/filmmaker/guy-planning-an-anti-bullying-event in newington this summer.

    Feel free to contact me if you’d like to help or if you just want to suggest I contact some person and/or organization who might help.

    Mike Grosse

  6. Hi All-

    Great to meet you all today. I look forward to coming again.

    I’ve done some video and photography work in the seacoast area, and I write for the screen in my spare time. I’d love to eventually produce one of my own projects, but I would happy to work with anyone else on their projects as well.

    ~See you next month~
    Jon Bickerstaff

  7. Another great meeting. I love the energy and the free flow of ideas at these meetups.

    I’m the science fiction writer. If you wanted to listen to my Nebula award nominee (soon to be a Nebula award loser) and you didn’t get a CD, you can download the mp3 version for your phone ‘n pod ‘n such or even peruse the mere upright letters of the text version. It’s all on the front page of my site.

    The movie version of my story “Breakaway, Backdown” was shot locally last month. Post production underway. More soon.


  8. Loved the meeting — had to leave a bit early, but it was to celebrate my wedding anniversary so I’m sure you understand.

    So, I’m the meditation teacher who morphed into a publisher and author. I have six audiobooks out, and two “real” books with a third coming out in October.

    Oh, and I have that novel sitting in a drawer. Thanks for the encouragement to finish it, Jim. I’ll aim to start work on it again in the fall.

  9. Another great get together. I’m the guy that’s helping some local historians get their research posted to the web. The site is the Goat Island Project; you can get a little more info about how Mo Labrie found the patches and field books here.

    I have another project simmering along (most long-time #NHMM folk are likely sick to death of hearing about it by now) – Mediated Toynbee – click through the front page for more info.

    I sure hope embedded html work in the comments…

  10. Had a great time meeting everyone Sunday. As mentioned I work at public TV and do some freelance reporting. I forgot to mention I volunteer at the Woodman Institute in Dover. An amazing museum with a vast collection of artifacts and historical documents, open Wed-Sun.

  11. Hello, everyone.

    Firstly, please check out – an exquisite corpse project updated twice monthly, which I curate.

    Second, winterstar has released two albums this year at and we’re pretty excited to share them.

    Third, I am looking for a Joomla developer to help answer some questions about the RPM Challenge website. ( We aren’t asking you to do the coding (yet…), we just need an expert to advise.

    Finally, I am working with Nate Groth to develop an RPM Challenge music series, which will take place once a month at Buoy in Kittery. Let me know if you’d be interested in playing, or if you know someone who would be.

    R.T., @onewordheadline on Twitter.

  12. Good afternoon everyone. Glad to meet up last week. To recap, I’m “the poster guy.”

    I work under the name Big Duck Management. I provide promotional assistance to independent promoters like Kirschner Concerts, Heptunes & Higher Ground. I’ve been working with the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom for the past 3 summers and I’m excited to be starting my 4th with them.

    My latest project is the Nateva Music & Camping Festival from July 2-4 in Oxford, Maine featuring some of the biggest names in the jam band genre including Furthur [Feat. Phil Lesh & Bob Weir], the Flaming Lips, moe. & more.

    If you’re looking for help getting the word out about projects whether it’s through postering, handbilling or digital media please think of Big Duck Management.

    Thank you for listening/reading.

    – Nate

  13. Hi all, it was great seeing so many at the April NH meeting! I’m a technical writer by day with major interests in education and social media. I’ll be at the STC Summit in Dallas speaking on Twitter and it’s use in a support environment.

    I’d be happy to help with any education, twitter, or writing/editing projects that you may have. Drop me an email.

    See you all at the May 2nd year anniversary meeting!


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