Meet-up notes: May 9th

20100418-1897 (by sskennel)

NH Media Makers celebrated its 2 year anniversary and we raffled off a bunch of prizes donated by media makers.

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12 thoughts on “Meet-up notes: May 9th

  1. Two prizes from me that I hope people find useful: 1) Half day consult on biz dev and social media for a local company 2) Signed copy of Twitter for Dummies, First Edition (edition two w revisions slated to come out this summer)

  2. 99% sure I will be there, representing Geek Force Five, for the first time since a brief appearance in February. Looking forward to hearing what everyone is up to, and to celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the meetup.

  3. I’ve relaunched my website for my business Moss Creek Media ( recently and have just gotten back from exhibiting at the New Hampshire Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Portsmouth, NH. If you enjoy viewing panoramic photos, please stop by my website.

  4. Great meeting! GREAT prizes! my name’s Joseph K Murphy and I teach private guitar and music lessons. Know any creative youth that want to learn an instrument? Always wanted to learn, but never got around to it? Check out my site to learn more:

    Also, I’m a musician/songwriting/audio engineer. I do brand music (much better word for..jingles…), music for podcasts and film and anything else you can come up with!

    And I have a new band, named Joseph K Murphy and The Best Friends Ever. Keep a look out for that one!

  5. Hi All~

    I’m working on a short film, it’s about 5 minutes long, with one role. I would love to talk to an actor, someone who know an actor, or someone who would like to try acting, to collaborate and enhance the character.

    I would love to help out on anyone elses film project as well.

    I’m also a professional photographer, so if anyone is looking for art prints, or need something or someone photographed, get in touch.

    I wanted to chat more after but had to take off early. Look forward to seeing you next month!

  6. Geek Force Five, THE place for discussing the five most notable manifestations of awesomeness in the universe at any given moment, will be relaunching at or around PodCamp NH 2010 this June 18-20 (

    Today, I discussed one of the new features of the site, a video series that I’d intended to call Five Minute Critic, but that I adjusted at the meeting, thanks to a brilliant suggestion by John Herman, to Five Second Critic. This will feature brief (five seconds long!) critiques of some aspect of film, TV, music, comics, games, technology, or popular culture. People who attend PodCamp will have a chance to be among the first to guest host the segment.

  7. Anniversary! Info! Prizes! Bonhomie!

    I’m the science fiction writer with the bad haircut.

    Working late tonight on a story that has to get done by Wednesday but I’m taking a break to say thanks to all for the stimulating company.

    That’s my current project but I intend to write one of those ten minute plays for Herman Enterprises, Ltd.

  8. Hi all, here’s a quick rundown of what I’m up to…

    I’m the writer/filmmaker/movie theatre manager who is planning an anti-bullying community event around the release of the new Karate Kid film at the 15-screen Newington cinema. If you’re interested in blogging about the event please contact me. This is a rare, wonderful opportunity to use a large corporation’s vast resources to make a positive statement in our community.

    I’m also writing/directing a short documentary called “The Thousand Words,” which will feature a photojournalist and a print journalist exploring the pros and cons of relying too much on the now-ubiquitous, digital media (versus oral or written narrative) to preserve our memories and document our times.

    The film’s tagline is “What do your pictures say?” and is scheduled for film festival (and possible local tv station) release late this year.

    I am also a freelance director for and am looking for actors or actresses to be in my how-to videos. These are super short (usually under 2 minutes long) informative videos, so no acting experience is required…if you’re interested in the filmmaking process, this is a great low-committment way to get a feel for how to create video for the web.

    Many thanks!
    Michael Grosse

  9. Great meeting and Happy 2nd Anniversary to NHMM!
    I am a technical writer by day. I just got back from Dallas where I spoke at the 2010 STC Summit on “Using Twitter to Enhance your Organization’s Communication.” It was well received. As someone who feels very strongly about the need of companies to use Twitter and other Social Media ‘right’ it was great to get the word out.
    I am interested in any projects that have to do with Education, Social Media or Writing.

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