Meet-up notes: July 11th

A great meet-up filled with movie pitches, a sock puppet, authors, and more. Check out the comments to see you stopped by!


16 thoughts on “Meet-up notes: July 11th

  1. My name is Jeremy Couturier and I am an illustrator from Newmarket who specializes in pen and ink pop scribblings.

    I most recently completed a David Lynch sleeve tattoo commission for the lead singer of the Swedish rock band the Rains.

    I also am now hanging in the (virtual) Dudenheim Museum.

    All the details on the above can be found on my NEW site on WordPress, (or just click on my name aboce)

    I am always available for commissions, editorial illustration, sequential art and now tattoo design.

    Great to see some old and new faces today!

  2. I’m making a documentary about NH’s lakes region. Go to the updates page in the yellow star-burst to follow the progress.
    I also need 2 last-minute actors at Weirs Beach tonight (Sunday) @5pm. Age 40+. 1-page script. I’m buying dinner. I might be able to squeeze you in my car and give you a free ride too.

  3. Hello all you pretty people! (Nick aka zapnap says hi too, I missed his DM before I headed out.)

    I loved this month’s media makers – you’re all absolutely brilliant and I loved the depth and passion each of you have for what you do. so glad I finally made it back out! The many ways to contact me may be found here, if for whatever reason you didn’t get a card from me and wanted to connect. 🙂

    Follow me on social sites if you like:
    pop culture junk
    swearing (I was on my best behavior for the meeting 😀 – but seriously, I curse fit to make a sailor blush sometimes.)
    Environmental tech
    DIY and independent living
    Social media contrarian rants (I am a “social media” user who frequently goes off about the lack of utility in social media.)
    Local interests
    And connecting with awesome people (I am an awesome people collector and frequently repost others’ brilliance.)

    contact me if you need:
    A simple wordpress site done quickly, and help learning how to manage a simple wordpress site. (I most recently stood up a WP install for – a local art and literature zine.)

    SEO advice – I have some good experience and better resources for the ins and outs of getting your site FOUND.

    A more complex website project – I’m happy to consult for free, and I love doing work for barter. Also, if I can’t do it I know people who can and will gladly serve as a technical bridge for talking with Code Monkeys.

    Someone to geek out with (especially if you want to talk local projects and achieving independence through smarter, smaller tech) – I really need to get out more. 🙂

  4. I was there but I still managed to miss most of the meeting (I was chasing my 23 month-old son around the book stacks).

    Anyway, I teach meditation, write books, and publish guided meditation recordings. My professional site is at I’m always open to collaborating. Drop me a line through the contact page at Wildmind if you have any ideas you’d like to bounce around. Speaking of which, it was great to meet Brandon J. Nigro today. We’re talking about running a meditation/massage weekend together.

  5. Took a road trip today to New Hampshire Media Makers. Meet John Herman and many others. Met many great new people and had a lot of fun over coffee! Hope to see you all again very soon.

    By the way I posted a video from today meeting. I hope you enjoy this short clip. Please visit

    Also,please visit Southern New England Media Makers. Just click on the snemm tab from my web site.

    Follow me on twitter (@bruceKgarber)

    Connect with us on Facebook

    Stay inspired!

  6. It’s great to meet new people and catch up with familiar people at NH Media Makers! Boy was it hot in there, but well worth staying all morning. I was the project manager who loves working with creative people. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if you are looking for any information or contacts in project management, video editing, web design, props, social media, etc. If I don’t know the answer, I probably know people who do!

  7. The childcare center I work at is having a benefit ball to support Bella Tucker (who survived a near fatal infection this Easter leaving her without her limbs) and her family. Bella will need prosthetics, rehabilitation, and modifications in her home to get by now. The benefit is being held Windham, NH at Searles Castle with a dinner being served and Christian Wisecarver performing Granite State of Mind. We are selling tickets to this benefit along with raffle tickets for themed baskets, hosting a silent auction, and selling “Bella Bands”. The benefit is on August 1st. Please go to to learn more about this girl’s story.

    Please contact me if you are interested in helping out, want to buy tickets, have any ideas or methods to help promote this benefit. Thanks for listening and if you can, spread the word.

  8. Nice to see everyone today. I’m Laurie A. Couture, author, consultant, parenting coach, writer, speaker and artist. I am in the process of having my website converted into Word Press with a new look to promote my book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing, and my parenting coaching/consulting business. My blog, Laurie A. Couture on Attachment Parenting, Unschooling and Social Justice will also be imported.

  9. I’m E. Christopher Clark, and I run Geek Force Five, a pop culture blog dedicated to discussing and overanalyzing (in a hopefully amusing manner) the latest in movies, TV, comics, video games, and music. We just relaunched our site with a terrific redesign by Leah Creates and new logo mascots illustrated by Erik “RoboYuji” Paul. As always, we welcome submissions from any and all interested geeks out there.

    I am also on the cusp of releasing my second book of short stories, All He Left Behind. Pre-sales will begin this week at and you can bet you’ll see some coverage on Geek Force, as well.

  10. Great to finally make it to a meeting. Looking forward to hearing more about everyone’s upcoming projects. I hope to have more to share about my food and farms project in a few months.

    You can get in touch with me via email, follow me on twitter @heartwoodmedia or check out our facebook page.

  11. Thanks so much for such a warm, patient welcome, despite my repeated blurty stalking comments. I’d love to chat with a few more attendees about New Hampshire Media Makers as part of the piece I’m writing for Destination NH. Please email me at if you’d like to share your input. I’m also on Twitter as @jenocal. Hopefully next time I won’t flail so much.

    • You did totally fine! 🙂 It ain’t easy talking in front of people. I myself had to try pretty hard not to freak out. Being a big mouth (errr public speaker) is less about confidence and more about practice. Or imagining everyone as particularly animated stuffed narwhals.

    • Jen,

      It was so nice to meet and talk if for only just a short time after Sunday NHMM meeting.

      Like I told you then, I thought you did great. In fact with all of the actors and media people in the room I wasn’t sure if you were really nervous or you were a real good actor.

      You got your message out and even got some smiles and laughs in the process. Great job!

      Feel free to connect with me. All my info and links can be found on and follow me on Twitter if you like (@bruceKgarber)

      Hope to see you at an other media makers gathering at New Hampshire Media Makers, Boston Media Makers or Southern New England soon.

  12. Hi All-

    I’ve decided to make a short film (comedy), hoping to enter in NHFF this year.

    I’m seeking four actors-
    Two young men, high school or college age
    One older gentleman 60+
    one lightweight man to play the dead body

    I need two locations-
    one residential home
    one home in a wooded, secluded area

    unsure. I plan to “pull this off” on my own, but a second set of hands might be helpful. I would also love to find someone willing to provide a little music for the beginning and end.

    Shoot date will be determined by location availability. NHFF deadline is Aug, 15th.

    contact me at


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