August 8th: Photo rewind and comments

More photos after the jump…


6 thoughts on “August 8th: Photo rewind and comments

  1. Documentary on NH’s lakes region.
    This month I’m looking for a child actor. Probably around 10 years so they can handle lines, but as young looking as I can get for the cuteness factor.

  2. hi everyone-great meeting this morning! I’m Jon Bickerstaff, I’m a filmmaker, writer and photographer. I have just wrapped a short comedy and plan to enter in the NHFF. I’m starting to make plans for a longer (30 min) short comedy which I will produce next year. I’ve written a play for John Herman’s steampunk extravaganza, and I write all my own screenplays. I’ve also worked in portrait, art and wedding photography.

    So, if you need someone like me for your projects, or are interested in getting involved in mine, contact me at, or find me on facebook. (I’m on twitter too, but never use it)

    see you next month!

  3. Hey guys! This is Jeremy, member of the Attic Bits and 8-bit musician. It was great getting to meet you all. I didn’t realize how many crazy projects we had going on in this area!

    So if anyone’s interested in working on a project with us, please let me know. We love creating music for any sort of event. Or if you’d rather just come hear us, we have several shows coming up in the near future – the Barley Pub in Dover on the 11th, Dos Amigos in Dover on the 13th, Champion’s Cafe in Everett, MA on the 20th, and the Great Bay Music Festival in Dover on the 22nd.

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