Meet-up wrap up: September 12th

Steampunk at NHMM


13 thoughts on “Meet-up wrap up: September 12th

  1. I did make it and there were just the right number of attendees to live tweet it under #NHMM hashtag.

    Talked mostly about PodCamp NH this time – I always have lots of projects in the hopper but am focused on getting YOU to this weekend of learning. Because it won’t be awesome without YOU.

  2. I let everyone know about my newly revamped website, http://www.LaurieACouture, which Georgene Nunn helped me with. My blog was also added to the site. I will also be running an Attachment Parenting workshop at the Women’s Supporting Women Center in Exeter this Thursday, Sept 16, 2010 at 7-9 p.m. My son, Brycen, an unschooler, was also present and discussed playing his song, “Goodbye” and being the featured guest on WSCA’s “The Uncle Phil Show” hosted by Phil Kliger, on 8/20/10.

  3. Hi All

    awesome meeting today. I’m a filmmaker, writer and photographer. I recently finished my first movie, a short, dark comedy about the economic situation and the value of human life. It’s called Disposable Income, become a fan on facebook.

    I’ve written a play for the evening of steampunk called Ro-Bro, about a robot in family therapy with his human brother and sister. I’m really excited and everyone has to come, cause this whole thing is gonna be fabulous.

    I’m presenting both these projects under a pseudonym, so you will see me as Jon Frazier sometimes. I’m looking forward to future projects of my own, and would be thrilled to work with any of you.


  4. Enjoyed my first NHMM meeting yesterday. Lots of talented folks working on a variety of great projects.

    I’m available for graphic design and illustration work. You can see a few of my samples at . I can help with promotional materials, logos, posters, business cards, postcards, t-shirt graphics, etc.

    While I am in search of full time employment, I also work on a freelance basis and am also interested in volunteering my time.

    I’m trying to explore alternative career paths by getting involved any way I can. Please let me know if you think we could collaborate. Thanks!

  5. I have a new book of short stories coming out this month, which you can pre-order by visiting

    Aside from that, I spoke a little bit about my involvement in the Evening of Robot and Steampunk Theater that John Herman is producing (I wrote one of the plays, am directing another, and am now acting in the show as well).

    Oh, and as always, Geek Force Five ( is always looking for contributors. So, writers please do get in touch. Video and audio contributions are also always welcome.

  6. A bit of nostalgia from me, your friendly neighborhood science fiction writer:
    Seeing Ear Theater, a collection of free audioplays written by some of the best writers in science fiction (and others, like me), with sfx that will make your brain vibrate, starring honest-to-goodness actors you’ve actually heard of, has reappeared after a three year hiatus. Hours of cool science fiction to stick in your ear – or at least your pod product.

    Did I mention that they’re free?

  7. Hi All~

    I guess my post from last week didn’t take? anyhow, here it is again-

    I just finished a short film called Disposable Income-a dark comedy about the economic situation and the value of human life. Find us on Facebook and look for us at NHFF (fingers crossed)

    I have a steampunk play in the show next week. It’s called Ro-bro, about a robot in family therapy with his human brother and sister. Ya’ll have to come see it, the show is going to be AWESOME!

    You’ll see me as Jon Bickerstaff in some places and Jon Frazier in others. If anyone has tips on working under a pseudonym, (avoiding confusing, making a smooth transition) I’d like to talk to you. (completely confidential, of course, lol)

    Ok see you around!

  8. Looking to create a list of videographers who might want volunteer to tape interviews – similar to storycorp. The interviews will be kept at the Woodman archives. This is an ongoing thing and adding your name to the list is not a commitment. I just want to have a group to email should a need arise. PS I would also forward info on any paying gigs I hear of to the group as well.

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