Join us: Meet-up, October 10th, 10am

NH MEDIA MAKERS! Join artists, businesses, social media enthusiasts, designers, developers, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and people looking to learn about what’s happening in the community. NH Media Makers will meet at Crackskulls, Coffee and Books’s on Sunday, October 10th. Mingling starts at 10 AM. The guest presenter is YOU. Everyone gets three minutes to introduce themselves, share, or ask questions. Stop by and connect!


10 thoughts on “Join us: Meet-up, October 10th, 10am

  1. Howdy folks, can’t wait for this month’s NHMM. I’ll be talking about and the NH Film Festival. I’m looking for costumes, crazy performers, and shameless self promoters for events during the festival. If you want to be behind or in front of the camera, dress noticeably different from everyone else and come on down to Portsmouth. See you there.

  2. My new book of short stories, ALL HE LEFT BEHIND, is out now and can be ordered at

    I’ve rediscovered my love for theater as part of the EVENING OF ROBOT AND STEAMPUNK THEATER. I’m directing and acting in John Herman’s script “Pancakes,” making a vocal cameo in the Uncle Phil play “G.E. Rock” and have helped turn my own script “War is Coming” into a staged 1930s radio drama.

    In Geek Force Five news, our new video series FIVE SECOND CRITIC can be seen every Monday on the Monday Morning Show on ShortStream.TV.

    Lastly, I’ll be helping organize PodCamp NH, October 23-24 in Portsmouth, where I’m hoping to see all of you and where me and my Generation Goat co-host are hoping to do a session on How Not to Podcast.

  3. I enjoyed today’s meeting as always- Amazing creativity in the room! Thanks to the two “donors” who helped me with my lost card situation this morning! 🙂

    I am the author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing and a parenting coach- I help families find positive, real solutions to challenges they are having with their children, with a focus on repairing connection. I am a fine artist, writer and blogger. I am open to acting in independent films of a humorous and satirical nature. I also make small indy films, but have not yet released any to the public.

    If anyone needs any editing or small writing projects done quickly, please feel free to contact me.

    My son Brycen, was not able to make it to the meeting today. He is a vocalist, guitarist and is in the process of starting a band. If you know of any older teens with music experience who are interested in starting a metal band with him, please contact me.

  4. Hey All,

    Great to see of you this morning. Anyone who was interested in sampling some of my own & Our Hero’s comedy stylings should please refer to our website to preview humorjokes.

    A few things that I forgot to mention. Our Hero and I have recorded all the audio for our pilot. We work as an improv sketch comedy team in my own recording studio. Any “videos” you may see on our blog do not reflect the animation quality of what one might expect from our show. The blog is essentially Our Hero and myself dicking around to give the masses a taste for our style of humor.

    Feedback totally welcome! Rate the blogs or leave some comments. If you are a top-notch illustrator or animator and think you want to be involved with the real show project, give us a shout!


  5. Hi All-what a great meeting today!

    I’m Jon Bickerstaff, also working as Jon Frazier. I’m a writer, filmmaker and photographer. Recent projects include:

    Ro-Bro, a short play featured in An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theatre.

    I also wrote and produced Disposable Income, a short, dark comedy (film) which will not be showing at NHFF, but I am working on getting it out there. Stay tuned.

    Otherwise I’m writing a lot and hanging out with media people like you. I’m tossing around some ideas for projects next year, and would love to help out with any other projects going on in the area.

    Look for me at NHFF and Podcamp NH, or contact me @ or on facebook.

  6. Hi everyone, I’m Angela and I like to play with crafts and electronics. I’m hoping to plan a few workshops in the coming months if any local folks are interested in learning soft circuits and hacking. A few examples of what I do are at my blog Soft Circuit Saturdays (and also on

    I’ll also be doing a session at PodCamp NH about sharing your projects online and connecting with the larger DIY community, along with some brainstorming on doing a mini maker faire next year in NH (for more info on what a maker faire is go to

  7. My name is Jeremy Couturier and I’m a pen and ink illustrator from Newmarket, NH.

    I sadly missed todays meetup but looking forward to next month.

    I offer top notch illustration services, and am always up for collaboration on cool
    projects (just like the superb Steampunk Anthology!)

    Check me out at

    Hope to meet you all soon!

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