Wrap up: November

NH Media Makers - photo by Roger Guon

NH Media Makers - photo by Roger Guon

Media Makers Crackskulls Newmarket NH

Another great meet-up check out the comments for updates from some of the folks that attended!


13 thoughts on “Wrap up: November

  1. Yes folks, I’ll be at NHMM. How about we talk then? I’ll be talking about http://shortstream.tv and may bring my video camera or audio recorder. Been thinking about getting into audio story telling for NHPR as a nice way of staying connected as I look for a new job doing what I do – which is to offer diversionary entertainment video online while also managing the interactive development process.

    See you there.

  2. I had a blast this morning. Some of your shares have inspired blog posts on Film POP! and Uptown Uncorked so stay tuned for those this week. Meanwhile, you can see more about the things I shared at:

    PopUp NH (http://popupnh.com or http://twitter.com/popupnh or facebook.com as Pop Up NH page)

    New offerings for the microbusiness and solopreneur at http://uptownuncorked.com/alacart/

    Stay tuned for news on the music front by following new NH resident and awesome dude Matthew Ebel (@matthewebel)

  3. This morning was great. Hey, anyplace where I can see four redheads in the same room is a good place. Statistically, you realize, that means at least one of us was a hermaphrodite, since they’re technically more common than redheads. Not to mention a former game show host, though I wish he’d worn his tuxedo. If I had a frilly tuxedo I’d wear it to go grocery shopping. So all told, pretty interesting meeting.

    Here’s some easy links to my stuff, where you’ll find tasty recipes and tasteless jokes:


    If you follow one of the favorited videos it’ll take you to my old channel, and give you the opportunity to watch me attempt to impersonate Elvis for almost 20 minutes. I also have a book review channel here:


    On Tuesday I’m going to try and push my technical capacities to their limits to interview the author Nick Redfern, an old friend and writer of nearly 20 books on the paranormal. His latest book FINAL EVENTS is a true story about a government study group that decided UFO’s were of Satanic origin and that the only solution was to turn the US into a Christian theocracy.

    I’m also looking to do more narrative works, some of my roots are in acting and theater. To that end I’m looking to produce some Shakespeare for YouTube. Actually all of it. Which is delusional, I know. I don’t care. I’m going to start with the sonnets and hope to have posted a reading of 154 of them by next weekend. Keep out an eye for it here:


    So that’s it for now. Please feel free to write me at macchef4@gmail.com. Hopefully be able to attend next months meeting, and it was really cool to hear so much about all your projects.

    Be Well!

  4. I enjoyed this month’s meeting- It was nice to see everyone!

    You can learn more about me and read my blog at http://www.LaurieACouture.com

    Here’s a link to the latest radio show I appeared on: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/unpluggedmom/2010/11/01/unplugged-educators-radio

    I filmed, edited and posted my first YouTube clip relating to my book, thanks to the great workshops at Podcamp 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GP2oeTeGM8&feature=share

    …and did my first podcast!

    Please feel free to contact me at LAC@laurieacouture.com if I can be of help to you!

    Laurie A. Couture

  5. Enjoyed the meeting today. Nice to see everyone and nice to meet new people. Halfway through a major reconstruction, I have new projects to work on the way days before the dry wall mud will dry. I learned about 4 new things I have to try.


    • I need some folks who use wordpress to follow some blogs and maybe test RSS for me. Also Loved Leslie’s suggestion to do the Pop up retail in other towns. I could help with Dover or Rochester…

  6. Good to meet everybody today and see some neat ideas. I recently was let go from a full time graphic design job, so I’m trying to get back into the swing of making creative work in addition to trying to get enough freelance work to pay all the bills!

    I do a little bit of a lot of different things in the graphics world. Design, photography, web work, if it involves the graphic image, I do it!

    Wedding photography: http://www.andrewdavisweddings.com
    Commercial Photography & Graphic Design: http://www.apdphoto.com

  7. Hey guys! I’m the redheaded daughter from the mother/daughter duo that showed up this week. What an amazing group of people! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next month with a cool project I can share.

    Just a little bit more about me: I attended CDIA@BU down in Waltham, MA (i.e. “not a sissy-pansy film school”) and shot, produced, directed and edited a few billion projects. I’m handy with an EX-1 and can cut on FCP but I prefer to act as the onset puppet master (producer). I’m currently employed at Powderhouse Productions as their Web Coordinator. I know the bare bones necessities of web design/development, HTML, CSS, a touch of javascript, and I’d like to know more. Powderhouse’s website is atrocious so hopefully I’ll be updating that as soon as time allows.

    If you want to contact me you can find me on Facebook:

    or send me an email:

    Hope to see you guys again soon!

  8. Hey guys. It was good to get out to one of these again. If you don’t recall, I’m the one with the 8-bit/electronica band. If you guys have any questions for us, or are interested in starting any projects with us, our emails are arkbit@gmail.com (me) and theatticbat@gmail.com (Mike D’Errico). And if you just want to hear our stuff, hit up our website or, even better, check us out on iTunes. My goal is to be the #1 dance band in NH on iTunes.. Help us out!


  9. It is sooooo great to connect with one another. I am making the finishing touches on the play, Desiree and the Magic Mirror. I will be sending it out to the Players Ring for consideration. It is set in the turn of the 20th century where four friends venture into a dubious carnival run by the mysterious Uriel R. Curse. It was fun to write it and hope people think worthy of it. My email is berniesnorth@aol.com

    Thanks to everyone,

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