Wrapup: December

NH Media Makers December Meet-up


12 thoughts on “Wrapup: December

    • To recap. The DVD is available. Take a look at the photo album on my Facebook fan page.
      I’m getting back into Google Earth modeling using Sketchup. Let me know if you have a building you’d like published.
      I’d like to try making music videos. I’m looking for local bands.

  1. Greeting from Mars where I am spending my pre-Christmas fortnight! Writing very hard on a science fiction story which will be part of my YA novel but which is also overdue for an anthology I’m supposed to be in.

    Meanwhile, a relatively quiet meeting today — due to the icy weather? But congenial company as usual. And glad to see so many writers in attendance. We make media too!

  2. Great to see everyone this past weekend.

    For those who weren’t there, I spoke about the new GeekForceFive.com schedule, where we feature a different kind of content (list, interview, article, video, etc.) each day. I also spoke again about the CC-licensed portion of my comic book script that’s out there for any artists who want to do something with it, and about my book of short stories ALL HE LEFT BEHIND. For more details on all of that, click on my name to visit Geek Force Five.

  3. Really enjoyed the meeting. It’s much more satisfying being there when I don’t have a two-year-old preventing me from hearing all the crucial details of what people are saying. And I kinda liked that it was a smaller gathering.

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