Wrap-up: January

NH Media Makers, Newmarket NH Crackskulls

Friends at NH MEDIA MAKERS Crackskulls Newmarket NH

Darth Vader at NH Media Makers, Crackskulls Newmarket NH

Jon Frazier at NH MEDIA MAKERS Crackskulls Newmarket NH

Bodhipaska at NH Media Makers Crackskulls Newmarket NH


14 thoughts on “Wrap-up: January

  1. Hi, I’m enjoying the meeting… Today I discussed that I will be speaking at two unschooling/attachment parenting conferences this year:



    …which will be a great way to market my book, Instead of Medicating and Punishing: http://www.amazon.com/Instead-Medicating-Punishing-childrens-acting-out/dp/1932279970

    Please check out my blog: http://www.laurieacouture.com/category/blog/

    Great to see everyone!

    Laurie A. Couture

  2. Salutations. My name is Stephen Bobbett, and I’m a comic writer and illustrator, graphic and web designer, and occasional actor and musician. I recently redesigned my website, and I’m currently working on an ongoing series of short story comics called . My Twitter handle is @stephenbobbett.

    I’m also slated to work as the bartender at STREET, a new restaurant opening this year in the West End of Portsmouth, run by the same folks in charge of Fresh Local. Follow @freshlocalnh on Twitter for updates.

    Great meeting some new faces today!

  3. The 2nd (and now) Annual William Shatner Beat Night is Tues March 22 at the Coat of Arms in Portsmouth, NH. Perform your favorite song, poem, monologue or original work in the style of William Shatner on the actor’s birthday. This free event is also a canned food drive for the Seacoast Family Food Pantry. If you are interested in performing contact me at shatnerbeatnight@gmail.com

    Last year’s Champion Larry Clow:

  4. I am the founder of and chief contributor to GeekForceFive.com, a pop culture commentary and criticism blog. We are always looking for people interested in being interviewed for our weekly Five Questions feature, so email ecc1977@gmail.com if you’re interested.

    I am also a writer and editor. Recent projects have included a six-issue comic book script that pays homage to 1990s superhero tropes, my regular gig hosting the spoken word open mic Word @ 99 in Nashua, and planning for a March edition of the All Things Out Loud spoken word event (to be held at River Run in Portsmouth on 3/21).

    Lastly, I’m looking forward to participating in the RPM Challenge in February and am looking for potential musical collaborators. Again, ecc1977@gmail.com is the address to write to if you’re interested.

  5. I loved the energy at the meetup today, thank you!

    I went prospecting for Web-savvy folks who understand and can connect with my customer base that consists of tradesmen and tradeswomen in plumbing, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, and more.

    We at Trades Business Computers have been providing ad hoc consulting for our customers and digging into some troubleshooting as we secure modest-sized networks in our customer’s offices.

  6. Great to see all the faces that were there new and old and returning from a long time away…

    So working on a couple projects… one of which is trying to get to Ireland in Feb. have some of the money to get there and be there but could use a bit more so I started a donation fund for myself and write why I want to go… a $1 or so would be greatly appreciated…

    Other than that working on several photography projects as usual and trying to create and explore art and life as much as possible…
    All the best to you!

  7. Thanks to everyone for a great meetup yesterday!
    My name is Kevin Baringer and I am a web developer, actor, writer and generally creative doobie. Here’s what I spoke about at the meetup:

    a) Drupal Meetup – If you’re interested in Drupal then I hope you’ll attend the Seacoast NH Drupal Group meetup tonight (1/10/2011) at 7pm at the Portsmouth public library.

    b) Web Development – I am available for freelance web development (Drupal, PHP, custom websites), video or mutimedia projects.

    c) Guitar Support Group – Like so many others I have picked up the guitar time and time again over the years, and have finally decided that it’s time to knuckle down and get to it! If you are interested in joining a group of other players who want get together to learn, discuss and play some guitar in a casual, supportive environment then please get in touch.

    Contact me at: kevin@kevinbaringer.com
    website: http://www.kevinbaringer.com

  8. Great meetup everyone! Wish I could have hung around longer…

    I’ve got a bunch of stuff going on this year-highlights-

    I’m planning to produce two short comedies this year. The first is Ro-Bro, based on my steampunk play. I’m looking for at least one actor, but would be happy to talk to any interested in being involved.

    I’ll be reading from a short story of mine at Lit Flash in Portsmouth this Thursday. Would love to see some of your friendly faces there.

    I also work at The Portsmouth Public Library, and among other things am hosting a night of independent short films, followed by a Q&A. Contact me if you have a short film (under 30min) that you’d like to show, I have room for two or three more, which will be filled on first come, first served basis.

    I’d like to contact The Players Ring director who was looking for someone to make a promo video for her production-I’d be interested in taking on this project but can remember your name!

    I’d also like to talk to the person organizing the bad guitar players meetup.


  9. I missed the meeting because we were finishing construction. I am excited about the RPM Challenge. We replaced 3 out of 4 walls in the studio and hope they do not choke me out because of my allergies. This year I have twice the room so I hope to record my cajon without distortion. I hope to have all the boxes out of the room and have the studio uncluttered so I can have just a cushy rug and a microphone.

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