Wrap-up: March

NH MEDIA MAKERS, Crackskulls, Newmarket, New Hampshire, NH

NH MEDIA MAKERS, Crackskulls, Newmarket, New Hampshire, NH

NH MEDIA MAKERS, Crackskulls, Newmarket, New Hampshire, NH

NH MEDIA MAKERS, Crackskulls, Newmarket, New Hampshire, NH


9 thoughts on “Wrap-up: March

  1. I don’t think I’ll be able to make this one, unfortunately, but I’ll post a little info. My name is Stephen Bobbett. I’m an illustrator, visual designer and writer, working for a number of clients in the Portsmouth area and beyond. Right now, I’m also working on a series of short comics called Daydream, and I’m running the social media campaign for STREET, a restaurant that’s opening in Portsmouth this spring.

    Looking forward to meeting you all here in the comments section!



  2. William Shatner Beat Night
    Tuesday March 22 7-10pm
    Coat Of Arms in Portsmouth, NH

    Celebrate William Shatner’s Birthday with a night of spoken word performance in the style of William Shatner. Cost of admission is a canned or dry food item for the Seacoast Family Food Pantry.

    Performance slots are still open. Also looking for a bassist and percussionist. Contact me to be a part of the event.

    Twitter: @shatinator
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111509255592370&ref=ts

  3. First time here and glad of it.

    I’m an occasionally-produced playwright, having a full-length play produced in Nashua a few years ago, a ten-minute play done at NH Theatre Project’s New Works Festival last year, as well as a ten-minute play in the Steampunk project at Players’ Ring. I’m currently chugging away on two full-length plays.

    My basic WordPress site is simply a gateway to my Flickr and YouTube sites. The WordPress site was created so I can occasionally include anecdotes as to whatever location I’ve visited/photographed, so that my friends and family in NYC can peruse with my New England life with envy.

    I’m also a Reiki practitioner at a monthly Reiki share at Full Spectrum Wellness in Manchester, NH. The next Reiki share is Friday, April 15, at 6 pm. If you’re in the need of some relaxation on Tax Day, register at http://www.fullspectrumwellness.com for a 20-minute Reiki session for $10.

    A new project for me will be creating a website to promote my offering of free Reiki sessions for returning veterans.

    My Twitter handle is @magtoria and I’d be glad to have more followers, but a slight warning — my geekery is baseball, so if you’re not interested in baseball or the NY Mets, you might not want to follow, especially once the season officially begins on April 1st.

    Looking forward to attending more meetings and thanks, John, for the invitation.

  4. • Take a guess before midnight tonight (3-14-11 12:00am) on when Lake Winnipesaukee will thaw out and you’ll win a copy of the DVD (free shipping in the US) http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=f7ffdf9353f6bd33a47d5967e5b4bebe&#!/event.php?eid=114033772008412
    • Here’s the conclusion to The Tourists commercials for my documentary on NH’s Lakes Region
    • My music video for the Attic Bits should be ready to watch by next month’s meeting. After that, I’ll be looking to make another music video for any local band.

  5. Hey there. I’m Jeremy, representing the Attic Bits. The band with the video games.

    Our big projects at the moment are: 2 videos are in production, and we’re hoping to crank one out by the 24th (but that might be a little too ambitious.) We have several shows in the next few weeks, all listed on http://www.theatticbits.com. Most importantly, however, is our show on the 24th. It will be held at the Stone Church in Newmarket. It starts at 8, and there’s a $5 cover. It’s the first NH all-chiptune show, and it will be fantastic. It’s also the CD release party for our second album, “The Field of Dismay”. Please come out and show all the out-of-town acts that it’s worth it to come play up here!

    You can reach me personally at arkbit@gmail.com. You can also find us at http://www.facebook.com/atticbits.

  6. Thanks for putting up with a noisy kid and a long winded out-of-towner.

    If you have any interest in learning more about my slow-motion wind-up toy project, check us out at http://windupmovie.com or “like” us on Facebook at http://tinyurl.com/windupmovie and if you are really into it, contribute at our Kickstarter page http://kck.st/h041le

    It was great hearing about everyone’s projects. It would be cool to collaborate on something in the future.

    John and Ellery.

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