Wrap Up: April


17 thoughts on “Wrap Up: April

  1. I’m a 17 year old unschooler who is passionate about music. I released my first EP, “Serenade To Darkness: Divion’s Cut”! I’m selling them for $8. If you love metal and would like a copy, please email me at serenadetodarkness@gmail.com. I am also seeking older teen metal musicians to join my band, Serenade To Darkness. If you are a serious metal guitarist, bassist or drummer, please contact me!

    Also, please Subscribe to my YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_ttw3Y2woU

  2. My name is Jeremy Couturier and I’m an illustrator from Newmarket.

    I recently did some promotional art for the Australian hip-hop/electronic producer/performer Senator J1m. Senator J1m just recently co-created Weird Fiction Recordings and I will be contributing to the upcoming website for the label. It’s going to be quite awesome. Details about Senator J1m and the site can be found here:


    As always I’m open for commissions large or small. I also love to collaborate, so if you think I could bring something to your project feel free to contact me.

    Had a great time today, and so did my son. I think the Attic Bits have a new fan!
    Thanks again to James Patrick Kelley and Cornerstone Gallery for the excellent door prizes.



  3. Lovely to see some familiar faces and happy to meet some new people!
    If you would like to contact me for website questions, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress-specific or because you desperately need some cubicles in your life (please, please say you need cubicles in your life) – I can be found:
    by email giania@gmail.com (also good for IM, don’t be shy)
    on twitter @giania
    on facebook http://www.facebook.com/giania
    And in fact on most sites as giania

  4. So much talent in one room. Wow. What hath Herman wrought? And in just three years!

    Even though it doesn’t come out until November, I talked about the book I just handed in, KAFKAESQUE: STORIES INSPIRED BY FRANZ KAFKA,


    which I co-edited with my pal John Kessel. I got to brag about the Nebula nomination for my novelette “Plus Or Minus”


    even though I have been nominated eleven times and have won just once. I got to meet some new people and reconnect with the regulars and I got to ride my motorcycle to the meet-up. What more could anyone ask?

  5. I’m directing Biloxi Blues at the Players’ Ring in Portsmouth. The show runs May 13-29. Would love for all of you to come see it!

    I need a lighting booth operator for the show. If you’re interested, please let me know right away.

    For a different project, I’m seeking a male actor, 30+ who can sing and play the piano.

  6. PodCamp NH is August 13 & 14 2011 at the New Hampton School! http://podcampnh.com

    Seeking sessions, sponsors – will have LIVE Quidditch, Battledecks and MORE.

    Seeking volunteers to help pull off a rad and massive halloween party, hallow-meme, on the Seacoast – we can’t do it without you, so if you want to be part of a massive party where you get to win fabulous prizes for coming as your favorite internet meme or just internet related thing in general, hit up Kirk (@spyboy) or me (@leslie) to make it happen. Need space for free, want to have cash bar and sponsored apps, DJ, etc.

    SMBNH – seeks Portsmouth free venue for May 20 event, next one is April in Upper Valley

    If you don’t want ugly, tree-clear-cutting, dangerous power lines through the NH national forest, fight it via LiveFreeOrFry.com

    I was in Business NH magazine this month talking Social Media for Business

    I’ll be writing more for Media Bullseye

    Last class in Lincoln is this Friday on Twitter for Business! http://accelerator5.eventbrite.com

    Find out more about me at http://magnitudemedia.net or at http://twitter.com/leslie or at http://leslieposton.com

  7. Hi, I’m Jon Frazier, writer, filmmaker and photographer. Today I talked about my upcoming short film, Ro-Bro, a Steampunk comedy about a robot in family therapy with his human brother and sister. That’s my main project at the moment.

    Glad to see so many people today, and would love to continue any conversations we started or start some conversations that we didn’t have time for.

    Email me at jonspostbox@aol.com

  8. Hello once again.

    As always, I’m the 8-bit artist, making music with Game Boys and whatnot. Check out our website at http://www.theatticbits.com to see our upcoming shows. Feel free to contact us with questions, ideas, opportunities, or whatever at arkbit@gmail.com. Our primary goal is to get other people to do this with us, so don’t be afraid to ask how to get started. Oh, and scroll up to Tom Clark’s post to check out our amazing new video.


  9. I’m E. Christopher Clark, and I run http://www.geekforcefive.com, a pop culture blog that distills all the awesome news about movies, TV, music, comics, and video games into brief, digestible chunks.

    Geek Force Five is seeking writers, particularly writers interested in writing about music, video games, and/or comics (areas where we’ve fallen behind here and there). Interested parties should email me at ecc1977@gmail.com

    We’re also a fine place to promote your upcoming creative work. Whether you want to guest-blog about something leading up to the release of your new stuff or you want to be interviewed for our Five Questions feature, we want to help you get the word out. Again, if you’re interested, email ecc1977@gmail.com.

  10. Great meetup! Can anyone help me identify the two kind NHMM folks in the back row of this photo:

    In the chaos of the post-meetup I missed writing their names down and want to give them proper shout outs. Please send to rob at lightroomers dot com if you know (or recognize yourself). Thanks!

  11. Nice to see familiar faces and meet new people at NHMM…thanks to John Herman for MC’ing and Crackskulls for hosting it.

    If you ever have questions on project management or know anyone looking for a web project manager, please let me know. I’m going to school at Centers for Design and Imaging Arts at Boston University in Waltham, MA (http://cdiabu.com), hoping to do work related to web design. I’m constantly weighing the pros and cons of freelancing versus corporate gigs. I love being around creative people and collaborating! I can use Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Javascript, JQuery and also dabble in video editing with Final Cut Express. Contact me via Twitter, LinkedIn or email@charter.net using barboconnell. Enjoy your day!

  12. It great to see such a large number. My email is berniesnorth@aol.com and I’m looking for interested people in trying to get the truth regarding the State of New Hampshire. There are a great deal of subjects that are not being discussed in news that citizens need to be aware of such as the situation regarding our mentally ill and the problems with our prison and jail systems.

    Thanks to everybody that showed up and to you John for making it such a successfull meetup


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