Wrap-up: May


7 thoughts on “Wrap-up: May

  1. I made a “Then & Now Location Map” for my documentary on the lake’s region. So if you want to know where any of the historical images are located when you’re watching the movie, you can find it in this month’s postcard update http://www.drop-frame.net/2011m_May.html
    And, because it’s fun to watch, here’s that music video I made for the Attic Bits again.

  2. Biloxi Blues opening up Friday at the Players’ Ring in Portsmouth. Show runs May 13-29. Hoping my cast has an audience to play to so please come see it!

  3. I was interested by an informal poll of the mmakers in attendance with regard to reading fiction on the Kindle and other ebook devices: seems like not a lot of folks are doing it. Is it fiction or the ereaders that fail to generate enthusiasm. My interest stems from plans to bring my short fiction backlist out as a series of inexpensive ezines tentatively titled James Patrick Kelly’s Strangeways. More next month.

  4. Blimey, I forgot to leave a comment.

    Writing part of my life:

    One 10-minute play finished since the April meet-up.

    Looking at adapting a Jonathan Lethem short piece into a one-act play as part of his creative commons site.

    Joined John Herman’s one-day collaborative writing/new media art project for May 28th.

    Anything to procrastinate finishing my full-length play.

    Reiki part of my life:

    Will be offering an Intro to Reiki workshop at White Swan Yoga in Manchester, NH this summer, date TBA: http://whiteswanyogastudio.com/

    Receive Reiki for $10 this Friday evening, May 13, at 6 pm at Full Spectrum Wellness: http://www.fullspectrumwellness.com/

  5. Greetings Everyone!

    Marlin May here. I would like to sell my DVX100a & Bogen Tripod & I’d like to give the folks at Boston & NH Media Makers first dibs.

    Bogen 3066 head, Bogen 3021 tripod

    Make me an offer. I’m not giving it away, but, you’ll get an excellent deal. I live in Lowell.

    You can contact me via twitter, @zentinal, or ask John H.. for my email address.


    Marlin May

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