Wrap up: August

We had two great events in August. Many of us were at PODCAMP NH, the coolest tech culture un-conference in the state.  It’s called an un-conference because the attendees themselves present the sessions, workshops, and panel discussions. Many meet-up regulars attended. NH Media Maker Sean O’Connell built a 6 1/2 foot robot to display the schedule!

AND: On August 4th, NH Media Makers hosted a creative artist and business social (let’s call it a gala!) at the Henry Melville Fuller Winter Garden of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester. The evening will included the new Shifting Terrains: Landscape Video exhibit and a performance by Latin guitarist Jose Lezcano.


Photo by Roger Goun.


12 thoughts on “Wrap up: August

  1. Like deja vu all over again, NHMM spoke cards -2nd generation Prisoner style- will be ava at the July meetup for anyone who bikes there. For folks who live too far away for the bike ride to be reasonable you can also earn one by running an errand on your bike during the week preceding NHMM.

    Picture of the cards: http://j.mp/kpxJtt

  2. Hi everyone, nice group today!

    I will be speaking in September at the Rethinking Everything Conference in Texas about unschooling and attachment parenting: http://www.rethinkingeverything.net/

    The parody video, Zomberall Ad, that my son Brycen and I did last month has been getting steady hits. The video is a satire of drug ads promoting drugging youth for natural youth behavior so that they can conform to school. Check it out here and please subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LaurieACouture

    In July I had an article, “Attachment Parenting Our Teens” accepted for Attachment Parenting International’s online resources. A link coming soon…

    Please check out my blog and website here: http://www.laurieacouture.com/category/blog/

    And last but not least, my Facebook business page is here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Laurie-A-Couture-Author-of-Instead-of-Medicating-and-Punishing/151909841522508

    Laurie A. Couture
    Author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing

  3. I started a hiking blog recently http://ow.ly/5AMXI and will be posting reviews of hikes and bike trips i make over the summer.

    My new project is trying to make bar hopping in Portsmouth more interesting. With Portsmouth Pub Crawl Bingo. Late July or early August I will be hosting a pub crawl using bingo cards to encourage people watching and promote some of the oddness in the Portsmouth community,

  4. Hi! Today at the meeting I talked about…

    My YouTube channel is SerenadeToDarkness: http://www.youtube.com/user/SerenadeToDarkness.

    I make chain maille bracelets and can be commissioned to make a chain maille shirt. If you are interested in purchasing one of my bracelets, please contact me at serenadetodarkness@gmail.com.

    To purchase my solo metal CD, “Divion’s Cut”, please contact me at: serenadetodarkness@gmail.com

    My Facebook Band page, where I prefer people to connect with me, is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Serenade-To-Darkness/171062369619588

    Also, I am on ReverbNation at: http://www.reverbnation.com/serenadetodarkness


    -Brycen R. R. Couture

  5. This is Jeremy Couturier, illustrator and Newmarket resident.

    I just recently contributed some artwork for http://weirdfictionrecords.com/ (site is not fully up and running yet) “The Thing in the Moonlight” reading for the Australian hip-hop/electronic perormer/producer Senator J1m.
    Full details here: http://couturierillustration.com/2011/06/02/the-thing-in-the-moonlight/

    Also here’s the link to my poster for Red River Theatres Friday Night Film Series: http://couturierillustration.com/2011/07/10/walk-on-the-wild-side/

    Double Midnite Comics will be promoting this in Manchvegas as well.

    Again I’ll be there for the screening of Stakeland on 8/26 and will be available for commisioned sketches. Come on by and we’ll chat up some b-movies and have a brew.

  6. Hackerspace guy here. If you’re looking to join a group of people that like to do artistic things and make neat stuff together, or if you’ve got some questions about electronics I might be able to answer, shoot me an email at: alexnunn@comcast.net
    or leave a comment on my site: http://www.dovernhhackerspace.org
    I look forward to working on the projects I talked about with some of you.

    It was great to be at NHMM again. Good luck on all your projects!

  7. Hi, I’m E. Christopher Clark, and I run the pop culture Website Geek Force Five.

    I mentioned a few different projects today. First, I’m doing a play, At My Window, at the Players’ Ring in Portsmouth, NH this September. You can learn more about it on Facebook.

    Second, I’m a special guest next Saturday night with Portsketch, the sketch comedy group that is bringing new levels of awesome to the Players’ Ring this week and next.

    And last, I’m helping to organize PodCamp NH on August 13-14 at the New Hampton School in New Hampton, NH. It’s a great place to seek knowledge, to share knowledge, and to find new ways to succeed, no matter what your job or passion is. It’s just $5 for two days of learning.

  8. Had a blast seeing everyone, new friends and old.

    Seeking sponsors, sessions and attendees for PodCamp NH (many of the awesome team are NHMM natives, including John Herman and Chris Clark)

    Seeking new business card ideas to combine multiple diverse brands under one umbrella without looking cluttered or boring.

    Up to my ears in work, so… keep in touch via @leslie or on G+ +leslieposton or at facebook.com/magnitudemedia for shouts when I seek collaborators.

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