Wrap-up: October


7 thoughts on “Wrap-up: October

  1. Enjoy yourselves. I may end up moving to New Hampshire myself. As a visual artist, the state seems tax friendly. Anyway, if I do move, I’ll be sure you look you guys up.

  2. Hi all,

    Extreme deadline theater! The weekend of November 11-12 I’m one of five playwrights who were selected to participate in the 24 Hour Play Festival produced by Theatre KAPOW at the Stockbridge Theatre in Derry. At 7:30 pm that Friday evening I’ll be assigned a theme and actors, write a short play overnight, and the director and actors will take over the next morning so that at 7:30 pm Saturday evening five new short plays will be presented. Intensely fun, check it out on Nov. 12 if you can:


    I’m also participating in NaPlWriMo — National Playwriting Month in November:



  3. Hey folks, really enjoyed meeting some new faces at NHMM this month. To recap what I mentioned (and neglected to mention) – I am working on shuffling the basics of story-telling with video and social media to develop a manageable approach for generating ongoing content, both for online distribution as well as TV. Yes, I want to make my living doing this, so I’m looking for engagements where my style of content integrates well with an overall marketing/communication strategy.

    What I neglected to mention was the new start-up television station in Portsmouth, PPMTV. As a board member and programming committee member I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that we need your programming ideas and content. We’re looking for anything you may have for inclusion in our programming line-up. For more information, connect with PPMTV on Facebook.

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