Wrap-up: November



2 thoughts on “Wrap-up: November

  1. I’m looking for a local band to make a music video for.

    Drop-Frame NH’s Lakes Region, the documentary made from time-lapse photography, will be 1 year old on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). To celebrate it’s birthday, I’m making both movies 50% off. You can get either or both movies for $10 each this Black Friday.

    I’m also trying to make some 3D models of places in Portsmouth. I’ve made a couple photosynths, then downloaded the point cloud, but I can’t go any further. I need to make it into solid faces so it’ll look like a 3D model, but I don’t know how. Any advice on a program to use, or combination of programs, would be appreciated.

  2. Hi everyone!
    If anyone needs a stuntwoman or fight choreographer to get that awesome action scene just right then leave me a note at purplesamurai@gmail.com . Also I do some acting and would love to work with anyone interested in the Martial Arts action genre, or any other genre involving good old fashioned hand to hand combat. in the meantime enjoy my new short film:

    ~Karen Fei

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