Wrap-up: January

Coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Wrap-up: January

  1. Sounds like fun! Should I go through with my plans to move to New Hampshire, I’ll be sure to attend one of your meetings. Hope the upcoming goes well and merry Christmas!

  2. Great meetup everyone!
    Dovernhhackerspace.org is the primary site for the maker/hacker/community space my brother and I want to get together.

    We’d love help on the following topics:
    Starting a non profit organization
    Insurance for heavy machinery use (may not be an issue right away but something we’ll have to address if we want to really make this cool)
    Kickstarter or other fundraising project ideas
    Renting a large commercial space
    Bringing in tools for common use
    Safety teaching and guidelines around using large machinery (specifically we’d love someone who’s qualified to teach tool use and can help us create a safety training program)

    We’d also love to hear from anyone who is interested in having project space for all kinds of different work. Artists, writers, coders, machinists, engineers, tinkerers, builders, community activists, teachers, farmers, and more. The idea is to create an open space in which people can “hack” – to construct or deconstruct things to create something new and interesting – in whatever way is right for them. Right now we’re in the community building phase which includes reaching out to local artists, makers, Occupiers, etc to gain some early support and gather ideas for what the community itself needs and wants.

    Alex is definitely excited about the prospect of project space, so be sure to contact him regarding questions about tools and creative building projects. I’m more in the community/arts area of things.

  3. hey everyone!
    for those of you who want my contact info (since I don’t have business cards to pass out right now) I can be contacted at purplesamurai@gmail.com.
    also my youtube channel is “crazykungfugirl”
    hope to work with you!
    ~Karen Fei (stuntwoman, fight choreographer, actor)

  4. Nice intimate meetup. I mentioned three upcoming projects. On January 29th I’ll be interviewed by the ineffable Becky Rule as part of the NH Authors Series at UNH. Doesn’t seem to be a website up yet, but here’s the archive of old interviews http://video.nhptv.org/program/nh-authors/. Later this month my audioplay “Bad Dogs” will produced on Escape Pod http://escapepod.org/. And as part of my ongoing ezine for Nook and Kindle, the Christmas edition of James Patrick Kelly’s Strangeways will be free through the end of January. It should go live shortly.

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