Meet Shawn Crapo

Shawn Crapo at NH Media Makers

This is another post in a series of posts about the people who attend NH Media Makers meet-ups. You could be featured next. Check out our NEXT MEET-UP Sunday, July 13 at 10 a.m. at Crackskulls. See you then!

Meet NHMM meet-up regular Shawn Crapo (Photo by Roger Goun). No one introduces Shawn better than Shawn himself. So here you go…

Good morning, New Hampshire Media Makers!  

My name is  Shawn Crapo, I am an actor, erstwhile musician, voice over artist and vocal impressionist.  Since becoming active in the seacoast area’s arts scene in 2009 I have won a Seacoast Spotlight Award (while thrice nominated), participated in two, 48 hour film projects, one February RMP challenge, volunteered for an Ignite™ event right here in Newmarket, played theremin in one museum/art space and performed as a fully costumed lizard in another.

The plays I have been part of have been numerous, from the classics (12 Angry Men), to the absurd (Seascape).  It has kept me community minded (a series of original 10 minute plays to raise funds for charity) and taken me, quite literally, across the ocean (living/performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival).  I have fought and won an Improvisational Time Battle™ as John Lennon, though not an improviser by trade.  

Short films, comedic spoofs of infomercials, late night sketch comedy shows, commercial work, and so much more.  All this has all been possible due to one thing:  New Hampshire Media Makers.  And one man:  John Herman.  As an unknown quantity on the seacoast scene, he gave me a chance, sight unseen, in his original theater works charity project, An Evening of Steampunk and Robot Theater.  Because of him and all that has happened though New Hampshire Media Makers, all that I have detailed above, and so much more, was possible.

Thank you.  

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