November Faces & Notes

At November’s meet-up, we talked film festivals around the world, music composition, web comics, publishing, Ghostbusters (from someone who recently worked on-set!), and more.


Shawn Crapo is an actor, punk musician, RPG enthusiast, three time award winner for his work on the theremin, voice over guy, and currently looking forward to performing in the NH Theatre Project‘s production of The Crucible.

Alex Nunn is a tinkerer, a manager at Port City Makerspace, currently trying to build a CNC machine from scratch. He recently attended the Barnes & Noble Mini-Maker Faire and said it was pretty interesting.

Eddie Nunn is a brother (see above) and filmmaker, working on an animated short film involving a seed from space and selling photos online as prints. Check out his stuff and buy it so he can buy waffles.

Karen Fei is a stunt choreographer, actor, filmmaker, heading to the U.K. Film Festival in London.  Need some hand-to-hand combat in your film? She’s your girl.

Freddie Catalfo is a filmmaker, producer of the film Signing which has been screening through festivals most recently on opening night of the SNOB Film Festival, Rochester Opera House is screening six of his shorts Saturday the 21st, most recent film Split Ticket is almost complete and is starting to be submitted.


David McNicholas is a carpenter and visionary who wants to work with collaborators on someone thing meaningful, something that will reevaluate public perception of time and space.

Derek Price is a musician presenting an Indie Rock Showcase with Pangea Pop, Heavy Pockets, and more on Dec. 19 at The Stone Church.

Ari Herzog is from Newburyport who attends Boston Media Makers, created North Shore Media Makers, and is finishing six years on Newburyport’s city council and working full time for a MA trade group.

Alex Pease is an actor but is now creating a production company, Outcast Productions. He has a full season of ideas with collaborations with numerous local theaters and theater companies.


Jack MacLeod is a screenwriter and musician, working on a three series dissertation on the birth and collapse of civilization. Working on web comics and podering

Paul Bellefeuille is an actor, most recently the new version of Ghostbusters. Doing a lot of auditions. 

Mary Downes is a writer who has recently finished a novel and is excited to start sending it out. Has work in the new literary anthology Voice of Crackskulls. Also looking to start / join a writers group in seacoast area (fiction, plays, whatever).

Zachary McCallion is a high school filmmaker who most recent worked with John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, A Mighty Wind) on a short film during the NH Film Festival Young Filmmakers Workshop.

Benjamin Aldritch is a film composer who talked to us about his process and gave us a taste of a song he composed.


Renee Bouchard is a creative director at Madeleine’s Daughter Bridal and is interested in costume design and music. She plays ukulele and writes and performs for children. She performed for us!

Dan the Sign Man is a sign maker and artist with a studio in Epping.

Drew Newman is a podcaster and improv comedian. He is developing his own podcast network, including a show called Rad Dads!

Angel Smith wears a lot of creative hats, including representing the Millspace: Center for Arts, Culture, & History. She told us all about Newmarket Eats (Tuesday, Nov. 10) and Outreach Night (Thursday, Nov. 12), the Fezziwigs Ball (Saturday, Dec. 5), and much more. Always on the hunt for people wanting to get involved.

Carol Robidoux is a journalist (formerly of Patch, Union Leader) and now independent publisher of dynamic news portal Manchester Ink Link. Is interested in telling real stories and bring more depth to journalism.

Larry Doyle is a writer, co-publisher of the Voices of Crackskulls literary anthology, and host of open mic literary event Prose, Poetry and Popsicles


Jeremy Murphy is a chiptune artist looking for artists who want to collaborate.

Sam Paolini is working on the outdoor instillation for the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire.

John Herman is directing a Wes Anderson inspired improv show at Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Nov. 24, excited to teach a little public speaking elective at NH Institute of Art, helping host a Millspace creative outreach night, will have short story published this fall, and also he is wondering if anyone has any tips or practiced workflow using a Wacom drawing tablet for an upcoming illustration project.


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