Next meet-up: January 10, December Faces & Notes

IMG_3433Join us Sunday, Jan. 10 at 10 am at Crackskull’s Coffee & Books as individuals, organizations, and businesses share their creative corners of the world. Share, connect, and get inspired! All are welcome. Hosted by John Herman. Keep reading for the notes and faces of our December meet-up…

Below are some notes on who attended the last emet-up. Don’t see your name? Comment with what you spoke about. After the meet-up host John Herman realized that he missed a few people. He got distracted from his note taking. You were too interesting!

Alex Pease is an actor and is creating a new production company, Outcast Productions. He also recently acted in It’s a Wonderful Life radio play for the stage on Saturday, Dec. 19, at the Millspace.

IMG_3454Collin Snyder is working on multiple video web series and he is always looking for help with screenplay writing.

Alex Nunn is a tinkerer, a manager at Port City Makerspace, currently trying to build a CNC machine from scratch. He plugged the makerspace open house.

Georgene Nunn does contract web work, mostly with WordPress. She brought a bunch of crafts and art pieces to show and tell. Check her stuff out at

IMG_3436Derek Price is a musician who presented the Indie Rock Showcase with band Pangea Pop on Dec. 19 at The Stone Church. He performed for us!

Grace Pierce focuses on book design and is also a singer.IMG_3438

Eric is developing a company that will produce LARPS for birthday parties and afterschool programs. He is also a costume builder.

IMG_3458Anne can be a resource to people who need set pieces and props. She is a welder and fabricator.

Larry Doyle is a writer, co-publisher of the Voices of Crackskulls literary anthology, and host of open mic literary event Prose, Poetry and Popsicles.

Judi Currie is a reporter for Foster’s Daily Democrat. Recently she directed It’s a Wonderful Life radio play for the stage at the Millspace.IMG_3456

Freddie Catalfo is a filmmaker, lawyer, and producer. Rochester Opera House recently screened six of his shorts. His most recent film Split Ticket is almost complete.

Jeff Deck is looking for marketing related / copywriting opportunities. He is also interested in writing for game development. He is an indie publisher with multiple novels released this year.

Matthew Bickerstaff has started writing. He has recently finished a second draft of a two act play, a contemporary drama.

Eddie Nunn is a filmmaker, working on a feature script, and selling photos online as prints. Check out his stuff and buy it so he can buy waffles. He also is selling some vinyl records. Want some?


Karen Fei is a stunt choreographer, actor, filmmaker, developing an action short.  Need some hand-to-hand combat in your film? She’s your girl.

IMG_3450Matt Gold is a mad scientist, author, and blacklight author. He has begun experimenting with lasers. He marched in the Portsmouth Holiday Parade as a cyber Krampus.

Claire Garand is filmmaker and writer. She is finishing a bilingual screenplay. She participated in NanoWriMo and finished! She is also selling postcards on Etsy.

Benjamin Aldritch is a film composer who talked to us about his process and gave us a taste of a song he composed.

John Herman is directing a J.K. Rowling inspired improv show at Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Dec. 12, excited to teach a little public speaking elective at NH Institute of Art, doing creative producer outreach for Millspace, and will have short story published this fall.


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